Pageant of the Masters, 7/26

To the OC/LA crew…

There is a nice lady by the name of Ingrid, her travel agency in SLO bought a bunch of tickets for Pageant of the Masters for Sunday, July 26, at 8:30pm, but they had to cancel the trip… so now she is selling the tickets. The seats are in the Loge Section and are $70 each. It’s a good deal as tickets in this section are hard to find. If you are interested, call Ingrid at Gulliver’s Travel: 805-541-4141.

My only connection with her is that I bought my tickets from her for that night and at that price, and she has been very diligent and professional about the transaction, so I thought I would be nice and spread the word.

Thanks Veronica! I scored a couple and will be sitting next to you. [cheers.gif]

Jill and I are taking a year off so no PoM this year. We love the program but I need a break from it. Thank you for the tip, Veronica.

Thats awesome!!! See you then! [berserker.gif]

a +1 for Cris??? [welldone.gif]

I think I’ll actually fly in for this as that looks like a cool and unique event. I’m also sure I can find things in OC to do that weekend.

OMG Pageant of the Masters is super cool. Used to go every summer growing up in the OC but haven’t been in ages. What a fun Berserker outing! Jeff you are in for a treat.

I love Pageant. It’s just fun.

Sarah, I am totally up for going again in August. Maybe we can arrange a Berserker field trip. Who knows?
Anyway, looking forward to it next week. Just got my tickets in the mail today. :slight_smile:

grab some tix and come along. It looks like there’s at least 4 of us now (Cris+1, me, Veronica) and perhaps more (Chris)…