P.C. White Burg Blast - Takers?

PCs White Burg blast (pre and in-stock) just hit. Oh so tempting, but oh so potentially painful. Leflaive and Coche seem to be resistant to the dreaded affliction, but the prices…ooh la la. Takers?


Can you PM it?


Meh. I don’t buy white Burg anymore for cellaring and won’t until the producers can prove to me that I’m not going to get screwed over again. Fool me once, shame on me…

Two thoughts:

  1. Wow - that is hands-down the most impressive email offer I’ve ever seen - and I thought that the Acker emails were scary. Thank GOD I am not on the PC list.

  2. In this economic climate, the phrase “Pre-Arrival” sends shivers down my spine. I wonder whether the Chicoms [and their newly-found $$$s] can keep PC afloat long enough to make good on an offer like this?

I’ve been buying some 08 Fevre from PC, especially from weekend specials. Some of these seem like very attractive prices for what should be very good wines. So far I’ve grabbed some of the Cotes de Bouguerots ($60), Vaudesir ($50), Preuses ($50), Fourchaume ($29) and Les Lys ($19).

I wouldn’t be shocked if you didn’t see many of these on “weekend special” at some point soon.

A third thought:

  1. How in the world do you assign a market value to something like 3 liters of Le Montrachet [with 97 pts from Allen Meadows], or 6 liters of Corton Charlemagne [with 96 pts], or 3 liters of “Corton Charlemagne Cuvee Francois Salins Hospices de Beaune”? Those sound like one-of-a-kind bottlings.

Maybe Scott Fitzgerald was right - the rich really aren’t like the rest of us.

But again - wow - I wouldn’t mind being invited to the dinner party [in 30 or 40 years] when one of those bad boys gets opened.

Not even remotely tempted by a single bottle.

didn’t touch it but looked very carefully.

If I want some White Burgs I just go to a local shop and pick up a few bottles for consumption within a month… Don’t want quantities due to premox…

Too pricey? Oak treatment? Risk of prem-ox? All of the above? Other?

Grand Cru Burgundy is way beyond my financial means, but if someone wanted to share one of those wines with me, then I sure wouldn’t object to the idea.

Le Montrachet & Corton Charlie with upper-90s scores from Meadows?

Life could be a whole lot worse than that…