Oyster Stout

Nice article on the style. Know of any others?


Powerhouse Brewery (Dublin)-rumored to be one of the better ones in regular production, especially on draft. Had it in bottle, will be able to confirm/deny the draft in about 4 weeks. [drinkers.gif]

Harpoon Brewery (Mass.) did one as part of their 100 Barrel series that I thought was excellent, especially considering I haven’t liked much from them in years.

Marstons (UK) used to do one but I haven’t seen it over here in years, so can’t say for sure if it still exists.

It exists and there’s plenty of it in NY. Want one?


Good to know. Just hasn’t been in VA for a while and I had lost track of it.

Want one? Or two? I smell trade!!! [highfive.gif]

If I can’t find any while in Dublin in a few weeks I’ll let you know.

That’s one of my regulars out here. Fantastic stuff.


This is the only one I’ve had and I thought it was very nice.

Upright has a fantastic version that is out now, though may only be available in the NW.

And a post from their blog about their first batch:

Didn’t know they could make an Oyster Stout over 70 ibus neener

I carry my own hop pellets with me. [wow.gif]

Just picked me up a 3L of

Burnside Brewing Oyster Strong Ale
Burnside Oyster Strong Ale was brewed with 18 gallons of Hama Hama oyster liquor, and 4 pounds of lemon peel. This unique offering has a complex malt flavor profile and deep garnet color. Aged for 6 months, this is as limited and special a release as they come.

abv: 9% ibu’s: 20

Harpoon Oyster Stout combines Boston’s Harpoon Brewery with the Island Creek Oysters from my hometown of Duxbury, MA. Not sure if the age verification screws up the link, but their Oyster Stout has been released twice now as part of their 100 Barrel Series, and could well become an annual edition.




I don’t think Marston’s actually includes oysters in the brewing.