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This is NOT about wine. Either:


or move it to the Asylum! neener

PS: Had a really enjoyable 2008 Grosbois Chinon Gabare the last 2 nights. Great medium weight fruit, lovely herbal nose and palate with minerals and black cherry.

(Just so you can leave this in Wine Talk.)

Wow! All that plus dick and fart jokes too! [dance-clap.gif] flirtysmile

But it’s about Wine Talk, so I figured it was okay to keep it in Wine Talk…

As for wine, I had a pretty poor experience last night. 2007 Facelli Pescaia. It was almost acceptable when first opened, but sherry and raisins were popping through big time soon thereafter, and getting worse with each passing minute. Dumped it out and had a Hendricks Martini with a twist. Same buzz, less effort!

2006 Audelssa Summit last night. Outstanding wine and quite the value at $30 from Costco a few months back.

I waza joking of course. Congratulations to you, the others who put this thing together and last but not least…all Berserkers! [welldone.gif]

Mazel Tov big boy.

Mazel tov from this coast, too. At 13,000 we should throw a bar mitzvah party (Eric will supply the shrimp).