Outrageous Shipping Quote

Western Carriers quoted me $5400 to ship 250 cases from Vinfolio to Wine Bank, 30 miles away! I was told it would take two guys all day. Now even if you reserve $1400 for fuel, insurance, use of vehicle and profit, $2000 per person per 8 hour shift is $250/hour. My attorney charges me less than that! [swearing.gif]

Any suggestions other than spending a week in SF of fine dining & drinking, enjoying myself, getting some friends to help and returning to Hawaii $3000 better off?


I’ll be there in Mid-July…if you buy me dinner and something to drink I’ll help out.

Seriously though…that is retarded expensive to me.

call marc lazar… should be much much cheaper than that…

Can I get his number? [snort.gif]

Perhaps Wine Bank can do this for you. Another option in the bay area is CWT but you would probably need the wine already in case boxes at least, if not already on pallets, before doing this.

Western does a great job with your stuff but you shouldn’t expect to pay any less than ‘retarded expensive’ if you use them.


If I were you I’d call my lawyer about this —

and ask him (or her) to move the wine for you.

Thanks folks – I’ll be here all weekend and please be generous with the staff.

Do you know anyone in Bay Area? Make this offer:
Rent a truck for one day (go for a 24 footer, leaves tons of empty space, but shorter truck might support load- that’s 7 or 8 thousand pounds) $300
Hire 2 laborers at $15/hr. $400 (with tip)
If there are any heat issues , buy $150 of dry ice. And 60 contractor bags ($30). Put 4 cases per bag, with a hunk of dry ice.
Total expenditure, $780. Add $1000 for your friend to supervise. Not a bad days pay

Western Carriers can be competitive, but they specialize in longer moves, you’re better off with someone local, you don’t need coast to coast temp control,etc’

Get a better attorney and sue the MFers! [swearing.gif]

Dang, I have the next ten weeks off. Looking for summer work.

I don’t know, that’s less than $2 a bottle…WineCommune had the nerve to want to charge me $16 ground for one bottle. For a few dollars more I had them send it 2nd day air and I won’t buy from them again unless I buy in bulk.

You obviously need a better attorney.

First off, I appreciate all the responses and thanks to Scott have contacted Marc Lazar. But I gotta say, youse guys are paying waaaay too much for legal services. My attorney does a great job and thanks to 15 years of loyalty doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. I feel this is somewhat of a Harlan/Screagle metaphor. Sure you can spend outrageous amounts on your trophy attorneys, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a better experience. After all, the whole purpose of this post is that I’m not willing to pay for Harlan/Screagle shipping no matter how well they coddle my wine.


Scott and Ian,

Thanks for the referral - we are on it.


Rent a refrigerated truck and a pallet jack from Ryder, Penske et al. Stack the cases on a pallet, tie the top two tiers with twine (gawd, that sounds funny), and shrink-wrap. Repeat. Forklift the pallets inside the truck compartment. Position the pallets with the pallet jack and secure them. Drive away. When you arrive at your destination, do everything in reverse.

No forklift? Nooo problem! A Tommy-Lift will do just fine (one less tier will make for a lighter pallet and easier moving).


I wouldn’t blame Western for their quote. 30 mile local moves are not what they do, and they may have intentionally bid high to price themselves out of the market. You asking Western to quote that job is like asking NASA instead of Ace Hardware for a quote on a hammer, and being surprised they quote you $63,000.

It’s my understanding that Western services both Vinfolio and WineBank. A move like this would be a piece of cake and an easy profit. It’s disingenuous to provide this type of service and then “bid high to price themselves out of the market”. I blame them for their quote.

That is a joke. Last year I moved about 250 cases by myself in a day…and I’m old and out of shape. Unreal.

Also, sadly, my attorney charges more. I think I’m getting gypped. blahblah


Part of the situation is that Vinfolio announced via email recently that they were moving their SF Storage facility to American Canyon in July (This month). That coupled with a reduction in storage fees at WineBank by over 50% compared to Vinfolio prompts me to want to accomplish this sooner rather than later. Vinfolio will palletize my boxes and as long as the box count received at WineBank matches the box count from Vinfolio, I should be ok. I’ve contacted Marc Lazar and am awaiting quotes. If that doesn’t work out I’ll do it myself in the fall when I have time to travel but I’ll have to move it from American Canyon and my wine will have been moved twice in one year.

Perhaps then I can enlist some Bay Area Bezerkers and provide an SF offline as payment! grouphug