Outdoor options for food and wine in wine country?

Headed to RRV this weekend. Wondering where I should plan to eat if I’m trying to stay outdoors. Thought I’d subject the question more broadly so it might have some value to others. If I were going to Napa, I’d be sitting at Gott’s or across the street at Farmhouse.

Where are the spots in Santa Rosa, Sebastapol and Healdsburg?

You might want to try the Visiting Sonoma thread on Wine Talk. That one has more visibility and some local Sonoma folks provide a lot of the content. They should be able to help.

We have always loved the patio at Willow Wood Cafe in Graton. Always our first stop when driving up there!

Michael, Willow Wood or Underwood? Underwood (across the street) has an outdoor seating area and is one of my favorite places to eat/drink in RRV.

Smoked or grilled chicken recipes are best options if you are looking for an outdoor weekend party meals with friends or family. You need an outdoor electric smoker for your family size and requirements.

Everyone is outdoor seating these days. Downtown Santa they closed 4th St to auto traffic and all the restaurants set up tables/umbrellas out in the street.

Starks Steakhouse has a Brazilian BBQ thing going in right now outside. $49 per person all you can eat. Includes starters, salad, meal, dessert.

https://starkrestaurants.com/stark-restaurant/starks-steak-seafood/ Then click on ‘menu’

Canneti Roadhouse Italiano in Forestville has a back patio area as does ‘The Backyard’ across the street in their front patio.