Out Of State Online Orders To California Retailers?

Are California retailers now collecting sales tax from out of state online orders? Thanks.

It depends on which state you live in.


Are you filing a sales tax return and paying the tax due on the purchase? Someone has to. The gravy train is coming to an end soon.

Yep, I’ve noticed this more over the last year or two. Particularly with winery direct purchases I feel like, but I might be off on that

The rules are so convoluted that large retailers and many wineries have to employ a compliance professional.

Fair trade agreements with a lot of countries but not the individual states. Worse yet is the different sales tax in counties and cities within one state, like CA.

I would not hurt my feelings if the Feds stepped in and passed a law that interstate sales will be taxed 2% with tax going to the Feds and a caveat that no state may impose a tax on sales originated in another state. That would even the playing field, but Texas, Utah, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts will probably become independent republics.