Orphan bottle of 1999 Dunn Howell Mountain Cab

So, doing some cellar cleaning and discovered this. Condition is excellent but I didn’t buy it. Must have been a gift at some point. Don’t know much about the longevity of this wine. Do I store it upright several days before opening. Do I decant it or slow “ox” it?

I would tell you it is still too young, and to put it away for another decade.


Well said, Alan!

We had an '85 a few weeks ago which even seemed young.

Yes, I would hesitate to open now

In my opinion, the Dunn Howell Mountain’s from the 1990’s can age for three decades. I agree with the others and would hold off for a few years.


Just received an '85 and a '90 (WBDay purchase). Any thoughts on those vintages (beyond Steve’s comment on the '85)? TIA!

Had an ‘87 for Xmas that was decanted for 6 hours and, while good, was still primary.

Had a bottle of the 99 about a year or so ago and while it was drinking very well it still had plenty of life ahead. You could drink it now, but you’re not going to regret laying it down for a few more years.

Well … it depends on how you like your cabs (nice find btw!). I’ve had quite a few 90s Dunns in the last few years and I really love how they’re drinking now. In a great state of youthful fruit combined with aged softness and a bit of secondary developement. If I owned any ‘99s I’d probably drink them now with no regrets. Read CT reviews and see what people are saying about the current state of those bottles.

To answer your question … Stand up for a couple of days, then decant. That’s how I would serve it. Definitely some sediment in these bottles. Or put it away again :slight_smile:.

Peter - I’d do the same for your ‘85 and ‘90. Except for the putting away part.

P&P. Good drinking!

Thanks, Rich and Stan!

Based on the info, I think I will hold off a few more years. Now properly tagged and cellared.


You could gift it to your grandchildren! [cheers.gif]

But seriously, 5-10 yrs should do it… (IMHO)