Oregon Visit - Pls help with Itin review

Is this type of hospitality reciprocal?
[whistle.gif] [whistle.gif]

In a local bar, I’m not sure you would be looking for reciprocation. [pwn.gif] That is if you value teeth on a partner. [rofl.gif]

Hey, I was just there Saturday. They all had teeth.

And you didn’t stop by for a Blind Pig? deadhorse

The surf competition brought in lots of non-locals so judgment cannot be made from last weekend.

[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

Anyhow, amended schedule to look like this:
Does this seem more ‘sane’

Friday 9/4/2009
Patricia Green 10 - noon - Confirmed
Brick House Noon - 1:30 - Still need to reach someone
Penner Ash 1:30 - 2:30 - walk in
Ayres 2:30 - 4 - Confirmed

Saturday 9/5/2009
Soter 10-11:30 - Confirmed
Belle Pente 11:30 - 1 - still need to reach someone
Lunch 1 - 2pm
Scott Paul 2 - 3:30
Carlton Winemaker Studio 3:30 - 5pm

Sunday 9/6/2009
Archery Summit 10-11:00am
Domaine Drouhin 11:00 - 12:30pm
Lunch - Travel to Maresh 12:30-2pm
Maresh 2 - 3:30
Stoller 3:30 -5pm

That’s looking pretty darn good there Mark. It will still be tight but I think you’ll make it.

Much better, Mark. You’re going to drive right by Ayres on the way to and from Brick House. Fortunately, Penner-Ash isn’t too far away.

I’d still bag all your Sunday wineries and go to the Eola/Amity hills, though I suppose everyone should be subjected to AS and DS once.

Nope, after I checked out the long board contest (blown out, crappy surf) I just had time for a Pliny with Sean, a quick shower, change and a picnic meal of shrimp salad on avocado halves, then off to Spirit Mountain to see Lyle Lovett. Left Sunday morning before a reasonable drinking hour.

Next time.

haha reallY? u would bag the whole sundaY?

I figure for a first timer i should hit up DDO (skipping DS!!). AS i heard is nice?

but yah. also must keep the wife entertained (i.e. mix in shopping at the outlet) so i can convince her to do this again the near future :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thanx for all the advice everyone! the itin is nearly all confirmed!


Evesham Wood and Cristom rank as two of my three favorite producers in Oregon and their prices are realistic. It’s worth another trip if you can get down again while the 08’s are still in barrel.

Sept. 4, Keith Sweat and Teena Marie. Big Whoop.

It’s a weird venue from my experience seeing Lyle Lovett there Saturday. It’s essentially a ballroom with chairs set up on the floor and a pull-out bleacher section in the back. Holds maybe 1500 people.

Alright, I’ve read both this thread and the one on ebob. I think you are overloaded and should just do three per day (now you don’t have to visit me). Seems like you have left no time to sleep in, be lazy or shag. Doug’s advice to shop Third st. is great. Pacific City is less than an hour from Mac via Little Nestucca river rd.

I recommend you slow down a bit. Quite often people want to see everything and just end up seeing too little.

My two cents…

Hey Todd,

Thank you very much for the feedback… I’m still working on the schedule, but I think maybe 3 is more reasonable as well.

Pls don’t feel offended that I’m not visiting ya .:slight_smile: you definitely come highly recommended, and my next trip down will certainly include a visit to your place (if you are free that is!) :slight_smile:
There’s just too many to cut down for the first time… not enough time, too much to see… seems to be the common theme huh :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

Two appointment onlys that I’d high recommend are Owen Roe and Sineann. Worth checking out IMO. Owen Roe makes some of the best Bordeaux varietals in the northwest.

I agree with Todd, too many will just make your day feel rushed - the last thing you want when in Oregon wine country where things tend to move at a slower pace. One thing also to keep in mind, you may actually end up visiting with the winemaker/owner and might miss a great chance to see who we really are because you have to jet off to your next appointment. Where are you staying ? That also might make a difference in your schedule and of course dining rec’s.
Stay flexible

I cannot believe that you don’t like Keith Sweat.
I am sure the mention of him has brought back memories for some (well maybe only me), but he was a crucial addition to any mix tape in 8th grade and maybe 12th grade for Todd Hamina.


Or, in my case, post-graduate.

I’m late to the party here, but I gotta agree with Bob on the Sunday schedule. Ixney on the DDO and DS. Head to the Eola Hills. You’ve got Bethel Heights, St. Innocent, Cristom, Witness Tree and Evesham Wood all within a couple of minutes of each other and . . . no traffic! You can’t hit every place in 3 days. Reduce the number of scheduled stops (fit in extras if time allows) and relax and enjoy yourself. The best day that I have ever had in the Willamette Valley was last April and it was only two appointments: John Thomas and David Autrey at Westrey.

was it hard getting in to see JT?

It took awhile (about two years), but was not terribly hard. The biggest issue was scheduling. I travel to Portland once or twice a year on business. Timing is set by customers and pretty much out of my control. Thus, it was hit or miss regarding whether he would be available when I happened to be in the area.