Oregon Trip . . . Goodfellow: Go taste these wines

That is all.

Marcus makes fantastic wines.

Succinct and spot on

+1 We had a great time visiting Marcus and his son! Looking forward to receiving my shipment when the weather gets cooler in SoCal.

I agree. Love Marcus’ wines whites and reds.

We especially love the whites.

Agreed. My wife, son, and I stopped there last year. I really liked the Whistling Ridge Pinot.

agree, also loved Kelley Fox wines when we were there this year

Agree 100%. Spent two hours with Marcus on Saturday, he was kind enough to take time for our group in the middle of harvest.
Great stuff from top to bottom, bought at least one of everything!!

Agreed. Marcus was generous enough to take time out of his move on Labor Day weekend to taste with my friends and I. Wines were top notch across the board. Can’t wait till November when I will finally be able to Pobega one.