Oregon PN TN

WTF am I missing here? From Cinderellawine.com’s latest offer…this is the “pro’s” TN:

"The 2006 Pinot Noir Nicholas Estate is more darkly colored and offers up mineral notes in its attractive bouquet. Velvety-textured, ripe, and layered, it is nicely balanced and > has 2-3 years of aging potential> . It should be > at its best from 2010 to 2018.

Unfortunately I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. [scratch.gif]

What exactly is the question? FWIW, I’ve never heard of Nicholas Estate.

I would go with the “2 - 3 years” drinking window. You know how much 8’s and 3’s can resemble each other…without a good editor.

“2-3 years aging potential”…“drink between 2010 & 2018”…which one is it? Not that I’m buying the piece of crap, but jeez.

Anam Cara is legit. This is an estate wine from the beautiful Nicholas Vineyard, which is on the north side of Parrett Mountain, in the Chehalem Mtn AVA. I helped pick fruit there one day for the '09 harvest just for fun. I haven’t tried this particular wine, made I believe, by Aaron Hess. Other Anam Cara wines I’ve tried are serious PN, a bit heavier in style, should benefit significantly with aging. The more wines I try from Parrett Mountain (Le Cadeau comes to mind, as well as Eastburn…which was just bought by Elk Cove) the more I’m believing in the uniqueness of the terroir: darker fruit, asian spices, soy and pine needles, need time… Eric Asimov should taste the Parrett Mtn wines and even he would believe the typicity of the region.

Tonight I’m enjoying the 06 Eastburn PN, ironically. This wine was made by Isabelle Dutarte (from De Ponte Cellars, who also makes her own label 1789, which I haven’t tried but heard nice things about) and is a seamless, smooth darker toned PN. Nose of briary black fruit with lavender and allspice. Mid palate may be a little light, and the warmth of the vintage creeps in, but it finishes with completeness and the combination of noble but substantial tannins and alcohol at 13.8% by label are provoking and not overwhelming. Like most wines from this area, I think it will improve with age. Fortunately I have more to follow…

Regarding the Cinderella wine deal: no doubt it is a buy, but the Anam Cara style is more toward the heavier, solid type PNs that Oregon is not really famous for…