Oregon pinots that are drinking well now

2004 Shea would be my pick.

The 11’s are excellent across the board and I especially liked Temperance Hill, Vitae Springs, Momtazi and Zenith. They will only improve in the bottle.

Really enjoyed the 04 Seven Springs at the Post-IPNC 04 tasting. The 2010 Village Cuvee is excellent as I’m sure the 11 is.


We enjoyed the Patty Green Durant much more on day 2

I feel like the world is your oyster in terms of approachable Oregon pinots under $40. An embarrassment of riches. I like Longplay wines a lot (in addition to most all of the ones mentioned above!). Very tasty. Hard to find a bottle over $40.

We enjoyed the Patty Green Durant much more on day 2

Which vintage?

The 2011 Elk Cove WV blew me away for the price. Something like $24.

I’ll also second the Longplay recommendation, tasted the wines earlier in the year and it was a pleasant surprise.

Seven of Hearts, Matello, Beckham Estate, Vincent, Helioterra, and Division Wine Co. are all out on the market with 2010’s and 2011’s. Can’t go wrong with them.

I’ve had a run of bad luck with Eyrie lately, tasted two different 2010 bottlings and they both had raging mercaptan issues. Stunk like rotting garlic and cabbage. The 2009’s though have been splendid.

St. Innocent
Pinot Noir 2009
Momtazi Vineyard
13.5%. Bio-dynamic, no fining or filtering.
$38, so a bit over the limit.
C: Darker PN red
P: A bit sharp on the finish at first. Needed 2 hrs. open to blow off. After that, superb! Medium body, darker PN flavor, lovely lovely balance and length. Very very smooth. Dark cherry notes, but what really mattered was the integrated taste, length and balance. So smooth and compelling! Went beautifully with grilled lamb chops. Can’t quite find words for the taste. Somehow New World, a note of “innocence,” perhaps? I could hardly recommend this more highly. No wonder Lardière is moving to Oregon!

Update from night 2: the PGC 2011 Durant I referenced in an earlier post is drinking beautifully tonight. Highly recommended.


That Elk Cove we had @ Sauvage back in Feb was very good. I do not remember the vintage, but I rated it second among the PN that night.

Alright, I opened the 08 WV PN about six thirty. Poured a small glass, earthy, brambly, currants and some tobacco. I did my punchdowns and people had showed up at the winery and then the bottle was empty. I did not get to revisit it at all, so I’m sorry if I can’t be more helpful. They liked it.

That was an 08 that Chas brought, I’m not sure if it was the Boheme or Roosevelt or what? But holy crap was it an excellent wine.