Opentable rewards

It used to be straightforward to redeem points. Now it’s a convoluted process with few choices of restaurants.

What’s the new deal on redemptions? I saw that they no longer send checks.

they are issuing gift certificates to certain restaurants. A decent list though

Merci Fu! … just took a look and it seems there are a lot of places I go anyhow on the list.

Not much of a list in Pittsburgh.

I stopped using OpenTable a while ago for two reasons.
Too many 1,000 point tables only got 100 requiring me to contact them and the restaurant.
No table available at the requested time but if I call the restaurant I get right in.

I’ve earned and redeemed $150 in the past year.
Plenty of places in Detroit metro area to choose from.
The redemption process is a bit tedious, but really only takes 5 minutes.

The redemption process should not exceed the reservation process in time needed. Typical maneuver done to dissuade people from taking advatnage of the offer. In this age of one or two click instant gratification 5 minutes is an eternity.