Ooni Discussion


I had the same issue so I switched it out for a slab of steel. Holds the heat much better.

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Using the OEM stone I’ve also found it important to make sure the stone is hot enough before the first pizza goes in (750+) and that the fire remains at full force during the cook (I have the old pellet version that requires a bit more fire maintenance). With these two conditions satisfied I can roll directly through multiple pizzas (we usually do 6-8).

I got my Ooni Hack turntable installed, works fantastic. https://www.oonihack.com/ have to turn down the heat now as the stone is much closer to the roof and heats up super fast.

I really would like to try this but my wife would kill me if I started messing with our Ooni.

If you get the OoniGear one there are no holes or mods to the oven at all. It clamps to the unit via a hole already there. The only thing is you have to get is a round pizza stone.

Crate & Barrel has ooni pizza ovens on sale this weekend (- 20%+). Ordered a fyra for $245. Other vendors may have the same pricing.


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We love our Fyra, but there is a definite learning curve.
I use a metal, flat skewer to work the pellets after they get a good burn going.