One Last Slice...

For some reason (just go with it), you are in NYC and have the opportunity to eat one last slice of pizza. After that, pizza will no longer exist on the planet; can’t buy it, can’t make it. Doesn’t exist. Where are you going for that pie? Here are the parameters:

  1. You are in Manhattan (NY) and cannot leave the borough (No Brooklyn, No Queens, Nowhere but Manhattan)
  2. Your choice establishment must be a retail parlor, not someone’s home or a homemade pie
  3. You can only choose one establishment (do not list multiples!)

And list your reasons why you chose your particular establishment. That is to say, why is their pizza the last you’d ever eat in this situation?


Let’s keep this simple.

Take the subway to any stop you wish.
Exit the subway.

Ask where the closest pizza place is.


Now THAT would be a tragedy. Sounds like a book Orwell would have wrote ar an episode this guy would have created.

Manhattan only?
Patsy’s. The real one. I’d tell them to make it well done.
My reason? When they get it right, it is benchmark NY pizza.

No way. My high school was on first avenue and 15th street, so the nearest pizza place was one of the Famous Ray’s locations. There’s an abundance of mediocre pizza in NY.

My last slice would need to be from an old school place with a coal-fired oven and a portrait of Frank Sinatra on the wall. It would be at Patsy’s in East Harlem.

Dammit To’, every time you post that picture, I want to face plant into the fresh mozzarella half.

I would go to Mike’s house!!!


And you sir would be welcomed.
I will even buy Barolo for you.

Wait, you mean you don’t own any Barolo?

In that case, I’ll BYOG. I’m not eating my last slice of pizza without Giacosa!

I own 4. Probably want to still bring your own after you read 'em.
1-2000 Azelia Barolo (Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo)
1-1998 Barone Barolo (Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo)
2-2000 Terre del Barolo Barolo (Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo)

Sounds nice… if we ever meet I’ll bring your own Giacosa too grin

Hey Paesan, what up wid dat? [shrug.gif]

Hey, you were 30 miles from here. You should have stopped.

My latest italian favorite is called Buccella.

[rofl.gif] better than Bacio Divino, at least.

What about Del Dotto?