Once and Future Mystery Box

As part of his recent Once and Future offering, Joel Peterson made a six bottle Mystery Box available. $300 including shipping for six bottles of his choice.

I love a mystery so I bit. The pack arrived today and I wasn’t disappointed!

I received a bottle each of:

2015 Teldeschi Zin
2017 Bedrock Zin
2017 Oakley Road Mataro
2017 Sangiacomo Merlot
2016 Palisades Petite Sirah
2017 Palisades Petite Sirah

A nice haul, I think! Now if there were only more of the Ravenswood Library Zin cases available…. :yum:

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I got a similar 6 pack and cracked the Teldeschi. This was not a smooth, refined bottle but rough, brambly and rustic. Felt like a cat’s tongue. A heady red fruited mix of cherry and pomegranate. An unexpected but welcome experience.

Thx Robert!

I plan to lay mine down for awhile, even given the bit of age on them. I’ll definitely put the petite sirahs in a dark corner.