My first Flannery tonight. Rib cap - OMFG. So perfect, I can’t even describe it, but I’ll try. It was essentially the most tender steak ever, injected with some sweet milk chocolate, and wrapped in a fresh Krispy Kreme donut. How in the world does this perfect beef have a sweet flavor as well? Isn’t that essentially sinful? Take a perfect piece of meat, then add sweet awesomesauce to it??

The only thing that made it better was the '81 Caymus Special Selection we had with it - unreal. Still bright, lively, plenty of years left in it. Tannins are big and strong, fruit is bright, finish is long - the whole package. Put Flannery with it. Eat me.

Welcome to the cult!

I think there might be some more at FF#2

Still a virgin here. Hope you don’t mind if I make a mess at your pad…promise I won’t cry.

Then the Hanger, the Landreth Cut, Rib-Eye, Strip, Skirt…

I’m going to try some hangar steaks next, as my buddy is placing another order with Bryan, and I’ll throw in for a few pounds of the hangars. He said they are ALMOST as good as the rib cap, which was insane.

Tonight I’m having Costco prime ribeyes (I’m living like Landreth here - all steak, all the time), so it will be nice to have a near-back-to-back comparison.

Bowden, FFII isn’t happening for me - not in the budget. I’ll just have to enjoy it myself and with friends locally, I guess - or Landreth can have some Flannery shipped to LV and we can have a mini Flannery Fest there in July.

1.67 pound Flannery Hanger Steak on deck tonight to go along with a three cheese tater gratin.

I can’t comment on the “greatness” of Flannery since steak is not my thing. I can comment on the greatness of Caymus SS in the mid to late 70’s. As much sh*t as Randy Dunn puts up with on wine boards, his Caymus wines from the 70’s and very early 80’s were very special indeed.
If you think 81 was good, look for a 78.