Older CalCabs for Sale

I have the following older California Cabernets available for sale. Pricing is the same as the last sale: $75 a bottle to cherry-pick less than a case; $60 a bottle for case or more lots. All have been stored in our 55F cellar since purchase.

1991 Cafaro Napa Valley
1983 Carmenet Estate
1977 Charles Krug Napa Valley - SOLD
1980 Charles Krug Napa Valley - SOLD
2 1984 Chateau Montelena Estate - SOLD
1993 Chateau Montelena Estate
1983 Dominus SOLD
1983 Forman Napa Valley
1980 Freemark Abbey
1996 Graceland Napa Valley
2 1995 Grgich Hills
1989 Gustav Niebaum Collection Reference - SOLD
1990 Gustav Niebaum Collection Reference - SOLD
1987 Gustav Niebaum Collection Mast Vineyard
1989 Gustav Niebaum Collection Tench Vineyard
1990 Gustav Niebaum Collection Tench Vineyard
1985 Hess Collection
2 1986 Inglenook Reserve Cask - SOLD
2 1987 Inglenook Reserve Cask - SOLD
2 1988 Inglenook Reserve Cask
1998 Merryvale Profile
1999 Merryvale Profile
1987 Merryvale Reserve
1995 Merryvale Reserve
3 1998 Merryvale Reserve
2 1993 Merryvale Oakville Grade
2 1994 Merryvale Oakville Grade
1995 Merryvale Hillside
1996 Merryvale Beckstoffer Vineyard - SOLD
1997 Merryvale Beckstoffer Vineyard - SOLD
1998 Merryvale Volcanic Hill
1987 Merryvale Napa Valley
1998 Merryvale Napa Valley
2 1999 Merryvale Napa Valley
1982 Ridge Jimsomare SOLD
1983 Ridge Jimsomare
1983 Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains
2 1985 Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains - SOLD
3 1988 Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains (12% Merlot)
2 1984 Ridge Howell Mountain
1987 Ridge York Creek (19% Cab Franc)
1989 Ridge York Creek (12% Cab Franc)
1987 Ridge Bradford Mountain
3 1989 Ridge Bradford Mountain
1990 Ridge Bradford Mountain
1979 Sterling Estate

If I might…

Anybody even CONSIDERING buying from this collection, DO IT! I was fortunate enough to purchase half a case (or so) of older cabs from Dick, and every bottle was perfect, even as old as 1971.

If I could, I’d jump on these once again. It kills me to let a bottle of '83 Dominus go…

Anyone interested in these great older Cal Cabs? Dick and I have been drinking our Cal Zins from these vintages and they’re wonderful. Last week we had an '83 Chateau Montelena Zin and it was amazing, not shhowing it’s age and drinking beautifully! [winner.gif]

I will pile on with Todd - I’ve purchased some older wine from Dick as well - all were in great shape and I was def. pleased with my purchases!

When Guillaume stopped by on his US World Tour last year, he brought a bottle of '82 Ridge Howell Mtn from Dick’s cellar, and it was just ridiculously good. I’m having a hard time not bellying up to the bar here.

I agree, the wines I purchased from Dick & Carollee were in such perfect condition you would have thought they were bottled last week. If we had space I would have bought more. One of our winery owner friends loves older CA Cabs and we’re looking forward to sharing some with him.