Ökonomierat Jacob Fischer Erben?

Does anyone here have any background on Ökonomierat Jacob Fischer Erben, a now-defunct Rheingau estate that was formerly a VDP member? Ihis weekend, I’ve been enjoying a 1976 Eltviller Sonnenberg Riesling Spätlese from them, but I can’t seem to dig up much about this producer and what became of them or their vineyard holdings.

This is an impressive 1976 Spätlese, which really came into its own an hour after opening. Certainly one of the best fully mature Rieslings that I’ve had since Rieslingfeier 2019. Although I did not take a formal note, and rarely do these days, the aromatics were stunningly complex.

Although the bottle was otherwise in excellent condition, the label came unglued - that’s what you’re seeing here. A little hard to photograph a convex piece of paper since you have to hold it in place…

As Eltviller Sonnenberg, is JB Becker the only one making anything interesting from this site nowadays? I’ve also enjoyed a couple of excellent to outstanding wines from this site from the better-known yet similarly defunct Schloss Eltz, so there would seem to be some real potential here.
1976 Okonomierat Jakob Fischer Eltviller Sonnenberg Spatlese.JPG