OKC Offline

Mark Stenner is going to drive down from Tulsa to OKC on May 30th, a Saturday. Have reservations at a place not to be named on line cause BYOB is not legal in OK. Anyone interested can PM me or Mark!

This is in Oklahoma, right? [rofl.gif]

Hey smart ass you have been in OKC for a few offlines, coming up for this one?

Maybe. Plenty of trips already planned around that time frame. Obviously keep me up to date. You know how to find me.

just a bump, we have a table of 6 held and have 6 going. if anyone else, Joe, wants to come let me know so I can get a bigger table!

You’re doing better in OKC for attendance than I am in Hollywood.

Jeff - aren’t you here for a few days? Try another day? See if anybody can do a different day…might just be bad timing. Look at how many times these offlines in LA get rescheduled…see Sarah’s.

People like me more!!! [wow.gif] [drinks.gif]

and I thought it was that OKC was just that much cooler a place to be than LA