Ok, tally it up. What did you buy?

I’m on the hook for…

70 Bottles of Wine 750ml (26 of those being Carlisle and Sandlands before BD)
33-1/2lbs of Prime Beef
6L of EVOO
3lbs of Tuna
2lbs 7oz Beef Jerky
4 Wine Glasses
1 Decanter
1 Microfiber Cloth

Offline at my place when we get our shots! champagne.gif

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Only wine for me…Di Costanzo, Salt Vine, Sandler, JB Neufeld, Pazzato, and my local shop just got their allocation of Dujac…Wine fridge is already full. Been on the fence about buying a Eurocave and I think today pushed me over the edge.

Microfiber cloth!? Damn these things running on work days. Never even saw an offer like that.

Lets see…
Cabot Syrahs
Wilde Syrahs
Ladd Chards
Pentacle Bitters
Veleta Tinned fish, EVOO and Balsamic
African, Costa Rican and Sumatran coffee by way of Minnesota
Slim Sadie Beef Jerky
Flannery NY’s and hangers

More things not wine than wine. Looking very forward to ALL of it. [berserker.gif]

Oh, Rodrigo???

Wait, where was the microfiber cloth? Goddammit! I seriously don’t even know what’s IN BerserkerDay as I never get to see it!

66 bottles
10 beef jerky’s
6 glasses
2 decanters

I have zero storage…time for a(nother) stash house.

83 bottles from 10 producers
3 bottles of olive oil and 3 of balsamic
6 new glasses

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Figures. Freemott…

So much Flannery ,Morgan and tuna I need to buy a new freezer ugh oh yeah and wine too [truce.gif]

Too much and perhaps more if some offers are extended…

More than I expected-

33 bottles of wine
6 steaks
3 bottles of olive oil
3 bottles of balsamic vinegar
6 glasses

Good times…thanks everyone!

Unfortunately between a well timed Drouhin Amoureuses mag offer, Burgundy EP and a Soldera mag offer I spent way more today outside BD, but did enjoy the festivities with a microfiber cloth (and glasses), some dry aged beef, old BDX and several cases of Oregon Pinot. Fell asleep and missed the 3L auction finale but it was a good intro into the madness.

60 bottles and two steaks.

Lagier Meredith, JB Neufeld, Jean Edwards, Crawford Family, Erica Orr. 4 new wineries for us and one Old Goat.

Flannery Beef, another new plunge for us.

Much thanks to Todd, Brig and team, great fun event!

Chris is offering those up in his Grassl sale. The XL cloth is literally 3ft wide [wow.gif]

[snort.gif] I’m embarrassed but I didn’t make it to OR this year and I bought my quota and then some! Hoping Rodrigo beat me (and I’m a Colts season ticket holder). 174 750’s, 6 1.5’s and and on 3L and contemplating 2 more purchases! Pent up demand - the roaring 20’s are just around the corner. Seriously, thanks to the entire community! For the last three years almost all my domestic buying has been on BD and Goodfellow offers!

Oh and 33lb’s of Flannery, Wagyu, Beef Jerkey, Olive Oil, tinned fish and Grassl glassware and decanters for my other two homes b/c I can’t drink from other stemware [wow.gif]

Houston - Houston!


OH SNAP! Mauger takes the lead for BerserkerDay 12 MVP!

Holy jesus, 33lbs of beef? I think we need a separate BD MVP designation for the person that buys the most beef.

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Brian beat me by 0.5 lb’s!

24 bottles of wine, 24 glasses, 3 decanters … and I did it while my wife is mid-pre term labor and we’re out of town!

We started the day in the local ER in NW FL, moved up to labor and delivery, scheduled for air transport, air transport canceled due to bad weather, ground transported via ambulance 90 mins away to a level 3 NICU facility since the NICU at the local hospital is only level 2. Wife still hanging in there like a hair on a biscuit but contractions coming in waves. Hoping to get it under control and get home. At home, we live 5 mins away from UVA hospital. If anyone brokers medical jet charters let me know … tried to save some of the BD budget for what will almost certainly be an expensive few weeks!


13 Sojourn
3 Loring
3 Pezzato
6 Bougetz
3 Slim Sadies beef jerky
I think thats all