Ok fun poll

Which grand cru to open next week?

From just random bottles I have standing up in the cellar, with tapas.

2007 Gros frere et soeur Echezeaux
2013 Rousseau cdlr
2009 Jouan CSD
2013 Lignier Michelot cdlr
2012 arnoux-lachaux Echezeaux
2011 Lambrays
2012 Hudelot Noellat Clos vougeot
2000 Mongeard Mugneret Echezeaux VV
2000 Jadot Clos de Beze (guessing no)
2008 Mongeard Mugneret GE

I’m thinking the gros ech, but would appreciate any thoughts. Provably bring 04 or 06 cdc too.

Obviously these aren’t the only bottles I can choose from but just a thought experiment.

Those all are Greek to me.

None of those. Rioja

Rousseau CDLR, this isn’t close.

This poll is not a poll. So, flawed poll.


Just seen a few notes suggesting it’s not ready. I do have a bit of this so not necessarily the end of the world if it isn’t.

2000 are drinking real well so 2000 MM

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Its really not ready, you will sort of enjoy and regret drinking it all at the same time.
If I was forced to open any of those it would be the 11 Lambrays or the 2000 Jadot, o7 Gros frere Ech might be ok but they are usually super woody.

2000 Mongeard Mugneret Echezeaux VV +1

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I’ve had several in the last few months and had absolutely no regrets. 13 Rousseaus are spectacular and open. Their CDLR is made with a Rousseau sheen, so it’s lighter than, say, Lignier or Dujac.

I had one last Christmas and found it pretty unready TBH, sort of half open and skulking. Glad your bottles showed well

I’ll pop down to the cellar tomorrow and see what else is standing up.

2009 Jouan CSD catches my eye.

2012 Arnoux ech.
For selfish reasons as I have one and not sure what to do with it in terms of drinking window. :joy:

The 2000 MM should be great now. Big and rich.

Plus 1 on the 2000 MM.

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Sounds good, 00 mm ech vv is leader in the clubhouse atm

You do not seem like the kind of guy who would say “just seen” but you do live in PA …