Ojai mailer out

I got the Ojai Spring 2010 pre-release mailer today. I’m trying to prune my list purchases, but these guys are among my favorites. I love their style, and they’ve kept their prices very reasonable. Not sure what I’m ordering yet, but I’ll be in for something. Has anyone ever tried the Ojai Red?

This is what’s being offered. Prices are before quantity discounts:

2008 KICK ON Riesling $24.00
2008 BIEN NACIDO Chardonnay $28.00
2007 FE CIEGA Pinot Noir $50.00
2007 GRENACHE $34.00
2006 THOMPSON Syrah $37.50
2006 MELVILLE Syrah $44.00
2009 ROSĖ $16.00
2008 SANTA BARBARA Chardonnay $24.00
2008 SANTA BARBARA Pinot Noir $32.50
OJAI RED $16.00
2005 PRESIDIO Syrah Magnum $95.00

Looks like this is the first time they’ve offered a Riesling!

I had it several years ago and buying it is akin to theft. Load up.

The composition of the Ojai Red changes from year to year. Sometimes it is predominately pinot, other times syrah. If it makes a difference to you (I prefer the syrah blends over the pinot ones and the '09 is all or at least mostly syrah)), it’s best to communicate with them to determine what the blend is. Personally, if it’s the syrah blend I’ll order several.

Other offerings: I love their rose, and will probably buy at 2-3 cases. Also a fan of the Thompson & Melville syrahs and the Kick On riesling.

Note: Udo’s prices don’t reflect the discount you get for 3 or more bottles of each wine.

I’m just finishing a bottle of the 97 Ojai Bien Nacido Syrah…If they still make wine now the way they did in 97, it’s a buy.

Jimmie, have you tried the Riesling? This is the first vintage, right? What would you compare it to?

And, yes, you’re correct, there is a discount for ordering 3+ bottles of any wine.


The Kick On vintage I’ve had was the '07. I don’t drink much white wine and I’m not very knowledgeable about rieslings, so won’t offer any comparisons, but I like it when the weather gets warmer.

The Ojai White/Red is one of the great wine bargins around. For the last 2 releases, Adam’s been laser-etching a date onto the btl below the label so you
can tell which one exactly you have. AdamTolmach…laser Jedi-master…that must be a sight to behold!!

Anyone know what’s in the White? Sounds interesting. White blends can be really fun- though not many people produce them. They’re tough to market, I guess.

A little humor in the online offering:

“If you enjoy the critically acclaimed California and Australian efforts that are syrupy sweet and 16% alcohol, I guarantee that you will not even vaguely understand this grenache.”