Offsite Wine Storage

During delivery season I am at my locker every week to collect, catalog and put my wine away. The hard part comes when you want to backshift your collection and prepare to bring stuff home.

I will probably take a couple hours out of one of my Saturday’s to pull everything out of my locker, shift stuff forward and put the newest stuff I want to age the longest in the back.

Opening boxes to grab individual bottles and then finding something to put back in a case is also my biggest challenge.

I did this for my wine storage that is a separate section of a larger self-storage facility. I was shocked at how stable the temperature was over a 30 day period - straight at 55 the whole time with some recorded variance of .1 F (but could just be the device). Anyways, if you want to do this, I used the govee bluetooth sensor - I think they are like $20. Seemed worth it for my peace of mind.

Was that on the air or liquid temp? A 0.1 degree variance of the air temp is unheard of.

Btw, I’ve recently found that the lay flat boxes without inserts can hold far more wine safely and easily. The vine vault boxes are likely best for this. You can hold 16 750 and 12 375 in each box.

Michael do you have a link to these?

You can find them on Amazon; the domaine wine boxes would work too but the vine vault ones look sturdier. Keep in mind with how heavily loaded the boxes are with that many bottles they’re very heavy so be careful, they weigh ~60-70 lb at least, so if your storage requires going up a ladder or something, it could be an issue.

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How do you get 70 lbs in a box? Standard shipping weight on wine is 3 lbs per bottle.

If you don’t put the inserts in, you can put in at least 16-18 750 plus 6-12 375, depending how aggressively you pack them in. It’s heavy AF, trust me. I have the boxes stacked up 10 high in the cellar.

I store my wine at a general storage place with a wine storage area, been years and no problem.

I use the Domaine lay flat boxes in my offsite that I manage. The boxes have a small/thin cardboard insert (much smaller than shippers) and stack well. They’re also much more manageable to carry compared to shippers. I can carry 2 cases in Domaine boxes easier than a single case shipper because they’re so small.

You can put way more bottles in if you don’t put in the inserts.

In the cardboard boxes? The divider is like 1/4cm.


Yes. Try it. If you have neither divider you’ll be able to put far more in the boxes (but not as many as the vine vault boxes)

Without the bottom divider, you can get what, 3 rows in if they’re offset? So that’s 6-5-6? Appreciate the heads up - may do that with some stuff I don’t want to touch for a LONG time, but without the divider, it would be hard to access the bottom bottles.

I pay $2.11 per month per case in Seattle.

Looks like “Caves du Vin” from Berkely opened up a location in Wilmington (for those of us around Philly)…any have experience with the Cali outpost? Prices are good

I am interested in experiences with this company too. I am considering moving my long term agers to offsite storage. Do you know if the prices are the same as the California location?

I use Horse Ridge Cellars in CT. When I moved to MA, that was my best option for getting wine shipped to me. Once MA permitted direct shipping, I continued to ship some stuff to CT and other stuff directly to MA. It is a 2 hour drive, but they are happy to drop wine off at my front door when they are driving to Boston. I’ve never actually calculated the price per bottle per year… because I don’t want to know.

I’m paying around $2.20/case per month in Charlotte. The facility provides 24 hour access with a retractable gate to get on the property and a thumbprint scanner to get into the building and then another to the lockers. They are doing really well as they have probably grown the facility 10x in the past 2-3 years. I find myself going 4-5 times per year depending on what I am looking for and what I keep at the house.

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Turns out google was wrong and it’s just their corporate registered entity, so no new options for Philly folks :frowning: