Offsite Wine Storage

tough to calculate it due to a walk in having walk in storage space - but based on current fit in the shelving it’s $3.20 per case. But if i used the middle of the walk in for case storage it would drop pricing considerably… but then I wouldn’t be able to access the shelves. My friend who has the same sized unit has a large cart he keeps in the middle stacked with roughly 20 cases of wine so he can move it in and out for access… considering that it drops down to about $2.75 per case… which is still pretty pricey - but they are open from 7am-7pm every day so access is nice.

Interesting, you have to go when they’re open? My place has key card access 24 hours a day. I usually go in the evenings, have the place to myself to organize.

yeah only when they are open (through an access code) - but that’s better than all the other local places where you need someone to let you in and have weird days/hours. It’s the best in a not great array of options. But 7-7 is very easy to do cause the wine storage facility is off the freeway exit that I get off to go home and go on to go to work.

My old facility was 24/7

I live in SW Florida. $600 for every 20 cases per year. They store, pull, and inventory.

A little bit of thread drift - how often do those of you with off-site storage visit the facility? The closest off-site for me is about a 45 minute drive (in another state), which seems too far away for a spur of the moment drop-in to pull something for dinner. Weighing buying another cabinet for the basement vs. off-site storage for 30-40 cases.

I go multiple times a week for deliveries/pulling stuff. But it’s across the street from my dog’s daycare, it’s right next to the freeway on/off ramp of where I live. It’s 5 minutes from my house. I doubt many others are in the same situation as I am. ha

I have not been to my offsite all year. Been meaning too, but get lazy on the weekends. Prolly best I stay away anyhow!

My offsite is 2 states away… never been.

I go a few times a year, once in the spring and fall after accepting deliveries, and then typically once or twice more.

8.1 miles away, 25 minute drive if I go during non rush hours. I go maybe once every 3 weeks on average, so around 18 times a year. Although I do have a 190 bottle wine fridge at home.

Thanks for all of the responses- still trying to get comfortable with the thought of not having all of my wine within easy reach (clearly a heart vs head issue, since a good chunk of my wine should be left alone for at least 3-5 years).

Jordan, I moved from Domaine for the same reasons as you’re experiencing. I’m now at East Bank Wine Storage. Much less expensive, good people, and they will accept shipments and hold them in their very large holding locker until you go to pick them up. I highly recommend them.

Phil, the reason I have off-site storage is for storing bottles that I don’t want to touch for a few years. I have three wine units at home for stuff I will drink over the next couple of years. The off-site storage prevents me from drinking things too early.

That said, I’m 45 minutes from mine and I go there once a month on average to put things away and move things around. My storage is in downtown Chicago, while I live in the western 'burbs. If your off-site will be your primary storage, then I understand your concerns.

I pay about $1.73/case/month for a locker that theoretically can fit 24 cases in it, but I fit only about 20 cases (if that) in it since I use the same sized slots to make a grid system (instead of just cramming them in there).

In Toronto I pay $3.50 per 12-bottle case for the first 50 cases, and $3.20 after that. It’s case storage as opposed to a locker. It’s pricy, but it’s a state of the art facility. Underground, temperature and humidity controlled, backup generators, fireproof, multiple thumbprint-controlled doors to gain access, etc.

I have VintageKeepers at home for all my near-term bottles. The offsite storage is for wine that needs to be buried for at least a few years. So I haven’t visited the facility in the past 3 years except to drop off more cases.

One more vote for East Bank Storage. There’s another spot on Foster within a Uhaul storage facilty.

Update - three options within 50mi of me (Scottsdale):

Option 1 (Closest, about 5 miles): ~$6.25 per case/mo. Services include: 24/7 access, delivery acceptance and dedicated wine tasting area, member events
Option 2 (Mid Distance, about 15 miles): ~$5.85 per case/mo. Services include: 24/7 access, delivery acceptance and dedicated wine tasting area, member events
Option 3 (Furthest, about 40 miles): ~$1.25 per case/mo. Services include: limited access from 6am-10pm (it’s a general storage facility with a wine storage section vs. a dedicated wine-only facility like those above)

Given I plan to stash bottles in the offsite that won’t be consumed for some time, it seems a no-brainer to go with the cheapest option even if the distance is a bit further than I’d like

That seems fine, assuming the general storage facility takes their obligation for correct wine storage conditions seriously. I have serious doubts about my wine storage in a general storage facility, because I’ve gone there at times and found temps were too high. I’m building something in my house and getting my wine moved home by next springtime due to my concerns.

Maybe you can put a temperature recorder in your locker and see how things look over a period of time?

A fair point, no doubt, but I have a friend that stores hundreds of bottles at same facility and he assured me that conditions are ideal

I have never been to either facility where I store wine in NJ at MWC or FL at Cellar55