Offsite Wine Storage

The time has finally come for me to secure offsite storage for my wine collection. I’ve been looking at the few options near me in Scottsdale and average pricing seems to be in the $5-6 per case per month range.

I realize all geographies are different (and the A/C certainly works harder out here than most other parts of the country), but curious to know how this pricing stacks up to what other WBers are paying?

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$1-2 per case per month is my standard. Really depends on your location.

Just got some more offsite yesterday. $45/mo for 5’x6’ (about 4’ high) unit in a special wine storage area inside a self storage facility. It’s 56F and 50% RH. It’s also the only wine storage in town, so not tons of competition here. I keep my more expensive stuff at Domaine 2 hours away, and some stuff in units in my house.

$1.81 per case per month.

$2 per case per montb

Boston area…

If I filled up my 4 lockers I would be at just under $1/case. But this is in a regular storage facility with a basement section devoted to wine storage and I don’t really trust them. (Last summer I measured temps in the room in the low-mid 60’s during a heat wave when they advertise 55.) So I guess you get what you pay for.

I’m making plans to have everything at my house by next spring.

I am about $5 per month per case with Domaine Chicago.

wow, that’s expensive—works out to $5/bottle/year. Better have some real cherries in that unit.

I’ve considered their business before and now I’m glad I turned it down. There are other places in Chicago that are under that.

I have often wanted to leave them. Price is a big reason and poor customer service is another but I keep using them because being in Illinois many places will not ship to my state. I can always route shipments to either their California or New Jersey locations which will eventually show up in my Chicago storage.

Once you are storing offsite and bearing that cost, it doesn’t matter what the price of the wine that you store offsite is, as the storage cost allocation is fungible across all the bottles in your collection both at home and offsite. It does impact your math as to what’s worth laying down now vs. paying a premium down the road though.

Wow $5 a case is pricey; you can buy an artevino for one years worth of storage of the wine in it, pretty much.

Between $2 and $2 1/2 per case per month at my FL site.
Charleston is similarly priced. I don’t use the Chas site yet, but will probably add a locker after we retire in a few years.

I can’t comment on price as I’ve never done the math, but I store at Vinum55 and their service is excellent. I have a significant investment in my wine collection and am willing to pay to have it properly stored, available whenever I want, and all the other ancillary services that Vinum55 provides.

Jim - Vinum55 is one of the places I am looking at in Scottsdale

$1.82 a case per month for me, Bay Area in Cali.

around $2.10 per case per month based on paying 2 years up front. (100 case contract)

While I no longer have need for offsite storage, with the large cellar I had built in my home, I would highly recommend Vinum55. I Have attended an event at the Hanger One location, Raini will take good care of all the clients.

Remember to find out all the other ancillary costs (esp if it’s one where you don’t touch the wine…locker storage is different). Intake, repacking, delivery, can all add up. Also some places charge by “case,” and some charge by actual volume of wine. The former can get annoying if you get lots of 3-6 bottle shipments, are often pulling out quarter/half cases, etc.

15 Cases for $20/Month here. (We took the last one of this size)

Was gonna get another 9 case for $14 if we ran out.