Offline - Thousand Oaks - September 24

Here are my wines for the Cab drinkers. 2007 Outpost True Vineyard (Howell Mtn.) and 2009 Rivers Marie Corona Vineyard (Oakville). I can add a 2009 Rhys Horseshoe Vineyard PN to the mix. I like the 6:30 start time and can bring some Kings Hawaiian Rolls for the Pulled Pork. Will think about an appetizer to bring over the weekend. This should be a great night!

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I’d love to come if there’s still room! Sept 24 - not yet Rosh Hashannah and I might be able to convince my wife to come with us if we can find a sitter. Or I may come solo if she can’t.
I don’t have a lot of Napa Cab not called Corison, and probably most of it is from WB. But I do have lots of various Pinot.

Adam - we have room! Nothing wrong with a Corison. Let me know if it is you or two. As we get closer we will tie down the menu.

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Okay for the mountain cab I can bring a 04 Diamond Creek Gravelly Meadow and for the valley floor a 12 Corison Kronos, for the pinot a 13 Rhys Alpine Hillside if I can find it or a 16 horseshoe Hillside. If anyone wants a desert wine I have an 89 Moulin Touchais I will bring. Oh and champagne to be determined, hope everybody is thirsty :slight_smile:

Sounds great Scott - To confirm things, we are getting together on September 24. For those who don’t have my home address, PM me and I will send it. Adam, let me know if you are coming for sure, and if it is one or two. It would be great if you could bring a side dish big enough for 16 people - something to go with the mains (Salmon, Brisket and Pulled Pork). Maybe a potato dish?

Start time? I am thinking 6:00 or even 5:30 so we can have some time before it gets dark outside. I have plenty of decent generic stems. If you feel you must have something special, feel free to bring your glasses.

Any changes or suggestions, feel free to reach out. My personal email if that is easier is my first and last name at aol with no spaces.


Hi all, Bruce was gracious enough to add me and my better half to his bursting table. I can bring a 2012 Scarecrow Etain (Rutherford) and 2014 Cakebread Dancing Bear Ranch (Howell Mtn.). For bubbles, I can bring either a 2012 Delamotte BdB or 2012 Philipponnat 1522 Extra Brut

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I just send a private message to all that are Berserkers and coming with some details and questions.

Let me know if you are bringing the Horseshoe Hillside as I was thinking of popping one myself. I have 16 and 17 Alpine Hillside and same vintages of the Horseshoe Hillside. I didn’t even know they made a Hillside in '13 - I guess it was not offered to me.

16 Horseshoe Hillside, and still doing the pulled pork. I could be wrong on the 13 maybe it was the Alpine, either way I can’t locate it?

Adam, can you confirm you are coming? If so, let me know if you can bring a desert.

So the food is all working out - we have:
Pulled Pork
Hawaiian Rolls
Special Pasta Salad
Cheese and Charcutterie
Creamed Corn
Caesar Salad
Appetizer/Starter TBD
Bottled Water
Chocolate dipped Bacon!

Could use a desert!

Sorry, I was looking at the PMs and didn’t stop to check back here. Yes, I’m in, flying solo. Should I bring a Cab or a Pinot or both? Or one of those plus a dessert wine?
I can figure out something dessert-ish.

Since you are flying solo, don’t worry about a food item. Bring a good Pinot and a desert wine. We have plenty of Cab!

Haven’t yet solidified the wines, but I’ve got some berries and am making a lemon curd to go with. I’ll bring a white dessert wine that should go nicely with the lemon.

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Seventeen people; 30 or more wines; the photo above are what was left over and most of those bottles are pretty empty. The photo below are there dead soldiers.