Offline in West Lafayette, IN - soon or future

Hi all!

I’m new to WB and to West Lafayette, IN. I miss wine people and, despite the pandemic, my cellar flow-eth over. If you’re interested in sharing some wines offline in West Lafayette soon and/or in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

T o r

I am in southern IL but would be interested.

Tor, you won’t find him on this board but Mark Lipton is a Prof in the Chemistry Dept at Purdue and a wine lover. He has been in the area for a long time and would likely have insight to other wine lovers in the area.

Purdue alum here who would love enjoying some wine at a future tailgate. My son graduates high school next year and is seriously considering Purdue so I might be traveling there frequently (hopefully).

Two area homes…one in North Chicago, the other in Lakeside, Michigan. Either way, not far away.

North part of Chicago or North Chicago, IL?

North part of Chicago…Sauganash.

Hiya - Welcome to the middle west. I’m about half an hour from you. Happy to meet up some time.

Down in Bloomington, but I would be interested in something either in West Lafayette or Chicagoland. I’ll be heading that way beginning of November (Friday 11/5 to be exact), so that could work.

I’m in Cincinnati, but always looking for an excuse to head back to West Lafayette.

Completely missed this, but I’m also in west lafayette. Never thought there would be anyone else in this two horse town!

We may have enough people to meet in the middle in Indianapolis.

I’m resurrecting this thread as I am planning to go up to Chicago sometime in first part of May and would gladly do an offline in West Lafayette or in Chicago itself. For example any of these 12th-14th of May (Thurs, Fri, or Sat) could work, but other dates are possible.

I was thinking as a theme possibly 2014 white Burgundy, but happy to go in other directions, Cali Cab, Bordeaux, Oregon Pinot.

Post here or send me an email, if you prefer, if interested.

If you want a Chicago offline, probably post a specific thread on that with date/venue/theme. My son will be attending Purdue in the fall so I’ll have an excuse to go down there much more frequently.

I’m in the Fishers area outside Indianapolis, would love to join up.

I’ll be tailgating for the game on Thursday (9/1). I’m not currently planning to bring anything exciting but if anyone wants to stop by I will. I don’t have a pass yet so planning to park in the IM lot. Will be arriving around 1PM or so.

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