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2018 Anaba sonoma coast pinot noir seems like a buy for $20. Anyone have an opinion?

I visited there in 2015 and enjoyed it but it seems like their prices have increased substantially (which, I guess, who’s hasn’t). I can’t say if that’s a sign of their quality or what, but I’m in. Thanks for the notice!

Looks like they have the 2019 for the same price as well.

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Thanks for pointing out the 2019 Anaba! I got 4 of those and 2 of the 2018.


You holding on shipping?

2015 Oakville East Cabernet Sauvignon Exposure - USA, California, Napa Valley, Oakville (1/13/2023)
Day 2: Day one withheld as it was not ready to drink on this particular bottle. Day 2 is amazing. Napa/Bordeaux in perfect harmony. Gravel, tobacco, dark currants, damp earth, spices, minerals and bay leaves. Medium to long finish and complex. This should drink well through 2030 but is amazing right now. 94 points

3rd bottle and all excellent.

Love these wines not rated by anyone and from a good area of Napa. I should probably try a few more WTSO offers.

Thanks, I was looking at that but a Cab from Coonawarra popped up on DN at a price I couldn’t pass up.

Ch. Pontet Canet up now. but 109$ 2017 vintage 93-96 points


K&L is selling the 2017 for $99 (though WTSO might end up cheaper all in for those who are shipping).

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I have had a few “off vintages” of this that have been great.

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Not terrible but id check Costco first. Just picked up a couple 2019’s for $79 a pop :cheers:

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You don’t live in a three tier state, and I can tell. Costco is awful in Ohio

In AZ, which im pretty sure is a three tier state actually. Just fortunate to have a couple solid Costcos nearby :cheers:

We have Costco–but they still have to buy from a distributer. Even their own wines, they sell to a distributor to buy back. The cheapest in Ohio:

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Yeah, I dont see much savings here. I like the 2015 Amarone from Guissepe Campagnola for 30$ we had at Bleu Provence. Deep fruit.

Yup. Seeing all the deals on here in part influenced me to join Costco…only to find out the Ohio laws had me stymied once again.

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Oof. Sorry man. That really sucks :frowning:

So how was it Day 1 and Day 3?

I just ordred 4 bottle of 2015 Oakville East. Although not on the website i emailed them and they had stock. Based upon the reviews here I thought I should add some.

I had an Oakville East the other night. For the price, it is a great value in Napa terms and worth a multi bottle purchase. Absolutely, aerate for several hours before drinking.

2019 La Lagune up for $ 50

scores 92-95

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