Offers Extended Gourmets of Spain ❃ BD14 Veleta Gourmets

Hi Nola. Placed another order and added a note asking if you are able to combine. Thank you.

Hi Jessica, I got it, yes I can combine - no problem! Thank you!!!

Late, late, late order in for my annual EVOO order.

Of course, I forgot to add the shipping code….

Double Crud!!

Arrange pickup

I got you!! Crud be gone!!!

I am going to start processing shipping labels on the GOURMET orders. I WILL SHIP AS SOON AS WEATHER ALLOWS. Just because you get a shipping notification does not mean it is departing yet. It does mean that your box is packaged and ready to go. Those who have asked me to hold their shipment, I am.

It looks like I have a window this coming week with temps being in the 50’s. I’ll try to get as many out as I can depending on temperatures here and at destination.


Have orders to California shipped yet?

I am working on getting the gourmet ordders out that are not PRESALE items. Yours is in my next group to package up Patrick. Wine shipments will not ship until the weather permits. Looks like there are two weather systems are heading in from the west coast.

BD olive oil received in SoCal…packed to withstand a nuclear blast! Thank you, Nola; looking forward to pouring these.

You don’t know how many I’ve had to resend when FedEx or UPS play foot ball with them!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I just got an email asking me to review the products. Does that mean a shipment is about to go out?

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Hey Paul, no, I wish I could have those emails go out after the orders are shipped, but they go out automatically.
I’m still pending on the shipments coming from Spain.

Hi Nola,

Hope all is well.

We’re running low on EVOO. Drought threatens! Any eta?



Hi Peter,

I’m pending new vinegar label approval. As soon as I get it I can proceed with the whole shipment.
I’ve done 6 revisions so far…:flushed: Spaniard are crazy w regulations…
Should be getting close!


Are all the BD shipments done?

I am wondering if I made an error.

The best is yet to come.

Thank you!

I question myself, mostly!


No Antón, the preorder products aren’t here yet!!

Nola, what’s the status of the seafood sampler?

Rick, the Seafood, Vinegar and EVOO will all be coming at the same time. To try to ship apart would be extremely expensive.