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10 Japanese dishes you might like…

I could eat the horse meat and MAYBE the horse meat ice cream, anything else… [barf.gif]

I have eaten Shirako, Natto, Grasshoppers, Fugu and Shiakaro…

Shirako is quite nice, Natto is nutty, but nothing strange, Grasshoppers aren’t my ting, fugu is pretty bland and shiakaro is tough…pretty strong tasting

I eat horse on a regular basis (thinking about my first meal in Verona next month right now!).

No donkey?

Oh yes, we sometimes make a special trip to a small family place that does great donkey pasta!

Funny story: we were visiting the fantastic Tanorè Prosecco winery once with some friends from the Midwest who were a bit squimish on the culinary front. After we all scarfed down a huge plate of cured meats, the wife of one asks “What sort of meat was that…it’s really GOOD!” to which the owner’s mother answered (in Italian) “It’s horse of course!” but then her son blurted (also in Italian) “Mama…she’s American, better to tell her it’s donkey!” like that would make it all better.

Thankfully, just then they brought out a bunch of cool cheeses, several bottles of Cartizze and glasses for a toast and we were able to wait till we were in the car later to tell her the truth.

No donkey?

I lived in Friuli for three years. One of the best dishes I ever had was the brasied Assino at one osteria.

Roberto and I have talked about this place in the past:" onclick=";return false;. Up in the hills above Verona in San Giorgio di Valpolicella. Pasta with donkey or horse, with locally gathered mushrooms and truffles. Delicious.

You forgot one thing about that place: they have more Dal Forno and Quintarelli sitting on the DAILY service table than the allocation of most STATES in the US.

and with traditional Pissota con l’Oio for dessert, they serve a glass of recioto from an unlabeled bottle that the owner gets from his neighbor in return for grapes. Some other old guy named Quintarelli. We haven’t been to Verona in a criminally long time, but when there, we would trek up the hill at least twice for dinner.