% of yearly budget allocated for Berseker Day

I’m spending very little on wine this year (a fraction of recent years hopefully) so it could end up a large percentage of my spend. It really depends on what Goodfellow, Vincent, Ansonia and a few others offer.

Take a look at the Ansonia offerings. (I’m assuming they will be back again this year.)

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I read this as

“I will have to buy everything.”

Kelley Fox

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Did the minister and your fiancé’ give you the stink eye? :slight_smile:

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And Oregon. I’m cutting back, but I’d buy more if there were Champagne offers. I don’t know why @Frank_Murray_III isn’t speed dialing all his favorite producers about this.

Before or after I found out Arcadian is participating?

Say what now. I’m suddenly interested.

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Not sure if that is a done deal.