Oakland/Berkeley-Albany/24-680 Corridor/-based Wine Reps Group? Are y'all out there?

A handful of us reps from (non-corporate only!) small to medium distributors and suppliers are tossing around the idea of setting up a quarterly bottle-share at rotating locations in the East Bay. I proposed posting here as well to gauge broader interest - please DM or reply, if you’re out there and interested. The idea is to build up our own community, share ideas, motivate/inspire one another. We fight the good fight in winning menu and shelf space for our wonderful producers against these large suppliers/distributors that sell mostly name-brand plonk and buy their way in (eyeroll), and forming a sort of casual “alliance” came up at a wine event I attended recently. I support my favorite books as often as I can…and damn, are times weird right now for wine.

Shot in the dark but we’re 3 strong right now and that’s something! Thanks y’all!