NYTimes: Asimov on Two Paso Vnyds...

Fairly interesting article in the NYTimes by Eric:
NYTimes: Asimov On Two Paso Vnyds

on the vnyds of AmbythEstate & TablasCreek.
Nothing really profound, but interesting.

I had some of the early AmbythEstate, a “natural” wine producer, wines early on. I found them interesting, but just that. Never did go back & try some of their subsequent releases, though. Maybe I should, as Eric likes their wines.

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I just read the article and it made me think of what some people on the Bedrock podcast have said in the past which is “don’t be dogmatic”

Based on my understanding, Tablas Creek is adhering to the principles that are important to them while irrigating “once or twice a summer” and it allows them to have a reasonable level of production. If AmByth doesn’t want to irrigate at all then it’s their prerogative but it may not be sustainable from a business point of view.

In addition, these grapes are not native to the area so no matter how natural you are, you are still planting something that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

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