NYT Article on Beaujolais - Cool

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“At the same time, serious artisanal producers in Beaujolais have in the last 20 years done the same as serious artisanal producers everywhere else: they have vastly improved the quality and consistency of their wines, building on a greater understanding of viticulture and winemaking.” - EA

Great article.

Very good piece, thanks for the link. I got antsy when I scanned it at first and saw the name Duboeuf among the favorites, but the author makes a very fair distinction there.

Very good article. The Bojo Nouveau thing has really had a negative effect on the region’s wines in the eyes of the general public, which is too bad. Regular folks are always amazed at how good it can be when I open, for example, the 2007 Foillard Morgon Cote de Py. I hope this article opens some eyes and palates to the possibilities of really good Beaujolais.