nye nyc

hey folks,

going to be in time square for nye… making resos for 4-6 people at a place where we can cork some bottles. looking for a place that is fun, tasty and reasonably close to time square… loud is fine; trying to keep it around $100 pp after corkage and tips.

any recommendations?

Yes, think of another idea.

Um, good luck?

Not trying to be a smart-ass, but that’s the single busiest night of the year for restaurants around here. Prix fixe (and for anything remotely decent you’re looking at $$$), usually no corkage allowed, a real pain in the neck. We stay in and party at home or at friends’ places and avoid going out that night.

Oh, if you insist on being IN Times Square for the ball drop, start camping out NOW. Bring a bottle you can pee in, because once you’re in the pens the cops won’t let you back in if you leave. And no booze/bottles/backpacks/etc. If you think you can have dinner nearby then waltz over to watch the ball drop, think again.

Olive Garden? Applebee’s?

get a hotel suite and order in( prob not a great idea) or pick up things to nibble on early in the day. Caviar, smoked fish, cheeses etc.
Drink all you want and no corkage. if you don’t want to bring wine from home go to Crush on East 57th street, Flat Iron Wines on Broadway in the low 20’s or Chamber Street Wine down near City Hall.

It’s sort of a basic dining principle anywhere. On any major holiday for dining out (Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, Mother’s Day Brunch, New Year’s Eve) you will always get the least for the most. And as Michel said, they lock down a specific area around Times Square and after a certain time nobody goes in or gets out until after the ball drop festivities.

okay… how about the day before

I can do 6 people with homemade pizzas and Cabernet PLUS byo for $95 per.


ViceVersa on 51st between 8th and 9th comes to mind. I haven’t been there in a while but it would be in the area and in your price range. Corkage was $15.