NYC Storage / Domaine Storage New York

Reviving this old thread. Just wanted to see if anyone has recently done research on NYC storage options and what their conclusion was.

I have been using Domaine for a few years now. My bottle/ box ratio is 6:1, which makes Domaine tiered system more expensive for me. I am planning to do a case consolidation anyway but wanted to see what else is out there.

It’s in Connecticut but I’ve been happy at Horse Ridge Cellars

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I’d second that recommendation. I have been using them for years— service is top notch, pricing is great for long term storage as well as in-out fees, and they make regular pickups at all the NY area shops.

Cannot speak to the other resources as I have not used them before, but I am very happy with River Valley in Hawthorne (Tarrytown area) for both storage and logistics.

Great part of Domaine is you can ship intra-state through their service which is helpful for retailers and auction away from home

I also my have storage at River Valley Wine Cellars and they have been nothing but great and easy to deal with. I usually drive from Manhattan (about 25min)to pickup or drop off some of my wine which saves some money and I have most of my deliveries go there also.

River Valley +2 (or is it 3?)

How much cheaper is River Valley/Horse Ridge and do they make Manhattan deliveries? I find Domaine longterm storage fees pretty good and service fantastic, although the fees for boxes, box consolidation, in and out can add up. Don’t see myself switching, but am curious for whether the service can be the same with materially lower cost.

River Valley does deliver to NYC and as far as fees I do believe they went up slightly since I started using them in 2015 but compared to Domaine I did save some money. I will say if your getting a lot of deliveries and moving wine in and out it can definitely add up. Hope this helps.