NYC restaurants that wont break the bank...

Looking for some suggestions…good, solid places that won’t cost an arm and a leg…


What type of food?

Jorge’s question is certainly key, I’d also ask the upper price range you’re looking at.

However I’ll then ignore both those questions and tell you to go to Atoboy. Fantastic Korean inspired small plates - $36 for a selection of 3. We went for the first time last Saturday and are going back this Saturday to try more dishes. The chef used to be chef de cuisine at the NYC Jungsik and before that the Seoul Jungsik. While I’ve had cooking at that level elsewhere I can’t think of any place with cooking at that level and at that price point.

There are literally hundreds of “good solid places” that won’t break the bank all over the city.

I would look around or Time Out NY websites for options if you’re not sure of location and type.

Jorge I got that - but looking for suggestions- Italian would be one of the suggestions. But anything with the under 25ish for entrees. I know there are a lot , but looking for suggestions for my friend and her daughter- who is under 21


Mulberry Street in Little Italy will provide lots of restaurants that offer good meals at your price, not to mention it’s a fun neighborhood.


[shock.gif] Did Dan “The Man” Hammah seriously just suggest Manhattan’s Little Itlay for Eye-talian!!! Madonna mia!!!


For Italian, I would recommend Morini, Locanda Verde, Olio e Piu & Pizzeria Brunneti.

Emporio - 231 Mott St
Mercato - 352 W39th @9th
Marta - 29 E 29th
Il Buco Alimentaria - 53 Great Jones
Gene’s - 73 W 11th
Lanza’s - 168 1st Ave
Porsena - 21 E 7th St

Not Italian
Cherche Midi - 282 Bowery @ Houston -Burgers
Socarrat - 259 W19th 7th/8th Paella
Chelsea Market (in particular Los Tacos #1/Los Mariscos and Cull & Pistol)or Gotham West for wandering and grazing

I don’t know your personal bank limits, but my last trip (August) we had very good meals at Peasant, The Breslin, and Le Coq Rico and none of them broke the bank, IMO.

Jorge, post #5 explains the parameters.

Bolding above mine.

Gray’s Papaya

Thanks to all…keep em coming!

Or just ask Victor.

Oh wait, no carbs for that lean, mean, fightin’ machine.

Value based restaurants that I love:

Roberta’s Pizza (Brooklyn)
Momofuku Noodle Bar (lunch pre fix is usually under $30 for three courses
Ivan Ramen
Insa (Korean, Gowanus Brooklyn)

Cafe China
Great New York Noodle Town

Great Italian at the first two. The second one is located in Little Italy right? neener

How do you think that Italians began to make pasta?

Marco Polo took a doggy bag back home after going out for “some-a Chinese”? [dance2.gif] [dance.gif]

We did not deliver via bicycle, during those days.

Go to Bar Pitti on 6th Ave. filled with Italians (from Italy not New Jersey). My Italian friends swear by the place. Cash only and cheap.