NYC - Northern Rhone Reds (11/19) @ Batard

NYC - Northern Rhone (Monday 11/19 @ 6:45PM)
Sh@n A - 2013 Domaine Jamet Cote Rotie m + 2015 Xavier Cote Rotie (stalking c fu)
Chris L - 2011 Paul Jaboulet Aîné Hermitage La Chapelle
Jonathan Sirot - 2010 Allemand Cornas Chaillot
Greg K - 2009 Allemand Cornas ‘Chaillot’
Jay Miller - 2004 Allemand Cornas ‘Chaillot’
Rich Salsano - 2007 Francois Villard Cote Rotie La Brocarde
Rich Salsano +1 - 2004 Clape Cornas
Jay Hack

Champagne: Jay Miller generously bringing a 2013 Benoit Marguet “Shaman”
Stems: Restaurant will provide
Location: Batard 6:45pm

Please PM me if you wish to get added/removed to list; this will allow for consistent time stamping in case there is overage.

I defer to groups wishes on Champagne (please post below your preference or donation of a 10th bottle!)
Please send me your wines now or closer to date
Please PM me any suggestions or post here below

Please put me down for a 2004 Allemand Cornas ‘Chaillot’

To continue the theme, put me down for an '09 Chaillot.

decant that 13 jamet for 6-7 hours and it’ll blossom to something amazing. My bottle started super thin and green. Finished half and corked it up. Tasted it 5-6 hours later and it was amazeballs

Will do this.

Looking for a new restaurant location…

Having done a northern Rhone dinner at Racines (with Jay, among others), I think the food works just fine and the corkage is free since it’s a Monday.

Don’t know if this is something you’d consider but the food at Bite of Hong Kong (esp. the squab) is very N. Rhone friendly.

Racines is always a fine choice though there might be need to check the menu as it can be very seafood-centric.

I think Racines usually have the steak as the option though? Had some lovely lamb there a few weeks ago.

I’m not overly fussy with the restaurant choice so long as it has non pork options. [cheers.gif]

I made a reservation at Batard for 11/19
3 course $79+$15+20% tip+8.5% tax = $121/person all-in. 4 course will be $20 more.
champagne flute, 3 red stems (which I think will be replaced through night), 1 white stem (replaced as needed) and multiple decanters

On Racines… I am just seeing the suggestions here now after the (I) comment on seafood and (ii) a recommendation for Batard on other forum. Is Batard OK? Re Racine, I did reach out because they seem quite wine friendly, but they did not confirm details on a Monday/giving the stems with out extra fee, etc.

Batard is great, sure.

Batard works for me… Thanks.

Sorry but I have to drop out. Family who usually come for Thanksgiving on Wednesday are coming on Sunday or Monday this year. Have a good time!

Noted! Thanks

I think this date would work for me. Count me in as interested. Thanks!

added! please let me know which bottle you will be bringing.

Can you add me as a maybe here as well?



2007 Francois Villard Cote Rotie La Brocarde most likely

I also have another like minded Rhône drinking friend who would like to join us. So please put me down as a +1 for the night. I will find out what he is bringing.