NYC Natural/Unusual Varietal/expression tasting over dinner : Late April/Early May?

We are going for a reboot on this offline meetup in NYC.

My suggested dates one of:
Sun April 28, Mon April 29, Thursday May 2

Any takers for the above?

See previous thread for details

Sounds good - let’s try this again! Those dates all work for me, with preference to earlier in the week.

I don’t have a lot of “natural” wine, and what I do have is accidental and I don’t know it’s natural, BUT I have a few bottles of what could definitely be called “unusual” varietals and a few weirdo blends of multiple unusual varieties. Monday April 29 does not work for me. I just committed to my monthly wine group dinner that night. The other two look OK.

Sun April 28 would be preferable for me.

Sunday looking good.

I’ll bring a 2016 JEAN-FRANÇOIS GANEVAT “J’en Veux”

Vin de France “J’en Veux”:
• Blend of 18 different red and white native varieties to the Jura : l’Enfariné, Corbeau, Gueuche, Portugais Bleu, Gouais, Beclan, Petit Beclan, Argant, Seyve-Villard

well, if you want to go VERY weird, I guess 2008 Chereau-Gunther Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine Comte de St. Hubert Château du Coing de St. Fiacre, which is Melon de Bourgogne, is not weird enough, so how about

2010 Khmer Angkor Vineyard Seyval Blanc Apsara. Can you imagine if they made red wine? or

2015 Arbe Garbe, which is a blend of Malvasia Bianca (RRV). Ribolla Gialla (RRV) and old vine Tocai Friulano (Son. Valley).

Interested. But Thursday does not work for me.

OK! Provisional date of Sunday April 28. We’ll give it another week to drum up interest then finalize!

Do we have commitments for Sunday April 28? Let’s shoot for a minimum of 5 people (myself included) before we confirm.

i’m flexible with the dates, will definitely try and make it!

Am planning on it absent work coming up.

Bumping this thread to see if we can drum up more interest…

Sunday the 28th won’t work for me now, but one of the following Sundays would.

Alright - no go for the 28th - we will try this again another time!

Saw this too late. Could have joined tomorrow. Can join again after May 22nd.