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I know I likely won’t find Mexican as good as I’ll find on the West Coast. But, I really need to find some Authentic Mexican in NYC for a friend’s Birthday dinner. NOT Tex-Mex! The following have been recommended, but I know nothing about them. If you know them or can recommend others, please do. Thanks!!

Cafe Frida
Mi Cocina
La Esquina

…wine list probably not necessary, but killer margherita’s a plus

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Tex Mex does not exist outside of Texas

Andrew [soap.gif]

I can say from experience that La Esquina is a TOTAL scene…but you know what? It also has surprisingly good food at not too indecent prices. Depending on the day of the week, you may need “connections” in order to snag a reservation for a large group.

I would second Mr. Ricca’s suggestion and add Cabrito in the West Village. La Palapa is reliably mainstream but probably more accomodating.

Have also heard good things about Mercadito.

I’m sorry; after living in Los Angeles for 13 years, NYC for 12, and now Chicago where they have the 2nd largest Mexican population in the US, you’re just not going to find good Mexican food in NYC. Sure, there are some places with good food that has Mexican roots–like Rocking Horse Cafe and even Suenos. But Mexican, like you’d find in Mexico City, regional Mexican, and border-zone Mexico/USA, simply doesn’t exist in any quality form in NYC.

Apologies for the bad news. I searched and searched. There are places that purport to do it, but they fail. There are places that friends swear make it, but I never found one that would have passed muster in LA.

Skip Mex in NYC.

Well I certainly have not traveled like Wilfred but the best “Mexican” food I’ve ever had has been delivered to me by my delivery guys who have mostly hailed from Puebla. The best friggin’ tamales ever come from my guy who lives in Coney Island and another guy who lives right near where I lived in Elmhurst would invite me over for lots of home cooked meals that would include all kinds of mama’s home made moles and other sauces and slow-cooked proteins and fresh hand-made tortillas.

Doesn’t help you much, though…

Brent, you may make me a convert if you keep talking like that. [welldone.gif]

Nah, you were right the first time. The mexican food in NYC is really bad considering the population. I wonder if people there just aren’t up for supporting mid-level mexican and/or regional mexican. Seems like the bar-scene places are the most popular, though admittedly I’m not there often.
You guys need to replace some of those hotdog carts with taco carts." onclick=";return false;

There are some pretty good ones on Roosevelt Ave in Queens, and I’m sure there are some in Brooklyn too.

IIRC the mexican population % is significantly the highest in the Bronx, so I’d think there would be some authentic and inexpensive Mexican food there. Though, honestly the only times I’ve been to the Bronx was for a ballgame.
Not to thread drift, but is there good Dominican food? I know that Puerto Ricans are the most prevalent Latinos in NYC and Dominicans are second, still quite a bit ahead of Mexicans.

yikes! these are some dreary results. i may have to flip a coin and let fate take its course.

BTW, I’ve been to Zarela and it’s pretty good. A little over-priced and gentrified for an LA guy, but as good as I expect from Manhattan. They do have good and expensive Margs. Somewhere in midtown.

OK bottom line. Although there might be a hole in the wall here or there somewhere hidden in the Bronx or Astoria or Jackson Heights, as a city, NYC just has absolutely NO decent Mexican food. How in the world that could be is beyond me, but it doesn’t.

If the Mexican’s in California only knew. They have a jackpot just waiting for them in the culinary capital of the world.

I’ve never found any. Can’t say that I’ve tried very hard, though.
I recall a while back the NYT ran a piece about some authentic Mexican food being made in the back of
a tortilla factory, maybe in Queens. The memory is fuzzy, but the place was supposed to be the real deal.
I think maybe Plotnicki tried it - I’ll have to go buzz his site and see if I can find a link.

Gonzo, there’s certainly all manner of Carribbean food to be had in the Bronx. The problem for me is always, how do you separate the good holes in the wall from the bad? I don’t always trust Chowhound, and I don’t really have any live, reliable intel from that region. So it can be a (literal) crapshoot. I’ve had some really bad meals, so I’m a bit gun shy.

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go to Sunset Park Brooklyn for the most authentic Mexican food…mostly from Puebla in NYC.
Tacos Matamoros
4508 5th Ave
(between 45th St & 46th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11220
(718) 871-7627
subway- R train to 45th street.

They have beer and I bet you could bring a thermos of margaritas.
the real deal.

Zero decor, and a bit out of the way, but you could try Tehuitzingo, 10th between 47th and 48th.

Suzanne is on the money. Check out the Ceminita, AKA the MExican Sandwich, it is heaven and you can get them on almost all the bakery stops in the area.