NYC bound

Hello everyone
we’re on our way to NYC next month. We need some help on places to rent out, gites, apartments, etc. We will mainly be staying in the city, completely open at this point as to the other details, hoping for some thoughts on some of the areas. Never been on the East Coast before…

Thanks again guys


I realize that it will be your first time in New York City, but in term of the type of rental, you should have some ideas of size of the place (number of bedrooms or a studio), budget per day/week/month, specific location on where you may want to stay (e.g. close to where you will be spending time at).

You said you will mainly be staying in the city. I will presume you mean Manhattan.

Here are 2 popular web sites on short term apartment rentals in NYC that I usually recommend to visiting friends who are looking to rent. Look up the map on the 2nd link (the map on the left).
Rentals get cheaper the farther you go north in Manhattan and/or if you go outside of Manhattan.
ALL the areas SOUTH OF, and including, the Upper West Side (West of Manhattan Island) and Carnegie Hill/Upper East Side (East of Manhattan Island) are the general areas that I recommend to those those visiting NYC. These areas are easily accessible by cabs/buses/subways/walking to-and-from anywhere in the city. Also note that it usually gets cheaper with monthly rental than by the day.

If you want/need more information, it’ll be good if you can provide more details about what you will need as there are a ton of locals here who usually gives great suggestions


Strictly pleasure or business or a mix of the two? Like Ramon said, pretty much anything south of 110th Street in Manhattan (here’s a very detailed map of the city grid: will be what you’ll probably want to focus on, albeit at a premium price. How long do you plan on staying and what exactly do you want to see/do?

Thanks guys. Yes city, Manhattan.

Will take a look at what is available. We will stay around 3 weeks. Mainly pleasure, Meeting friends, publisher, etc. size of place, perhaps 2 bed, maybe around $1600-2000 a week, flexible though. Not dead set on location since many appeal to us.

Since you’re doing an extended stay, I’d recommend not being in the Times Square area (heck, I’d say that if you were here for 1 night). You’ll be living like a NYer, and NYers (real ones at least) hate that area. Visit it if you must (especially with the kids - man I can remember a time when I’d say visit it WITHOUT kids…), but be sure you’re close to one of the subway lines. Walking and using mass transportation is the way to get around long-distances in this town. The new short-term bike rental system Citibike is gearing up for summer (I saw them digging one of the stations at 1st and 1st the other day), but hasn’t rolled out yet like the Velib in Paris. You can rent bikes by the hour near any touristy spot (especially Central Park of course). And don’t discount noisy areas. Upper East/West are quieter (in general, except near 2nd Avenue where they’re digging our newest subway line and sometimes blasting), as are parts of the East/West Village. But just be aware that downtown becomes a playground on the weekends, with lots of people coming in to party starting Wednesday and getting louder and more vibrant until Saturday nights.

Also, be sure to find a place near a good food market (Fairway East/West, Citarella East/West, Greenmarket downtown, etc…) or you could end up having to haul it for higher-quality produce and goods.

And of course feel free to email me for any advice on things to see/do/eat/drink/ingest/snort/inhale/inject. [diablo.gif]

I would look in Brooklyn Heights, charming quiet neighborhood with great walks views and parks. My friend rents a place but it is already fully booked for the summer.
I hope we get a chance to meet.

Good luck. PM me if you need suggestions. Finally, be aware of rental scams.

Thanks for the tips. The links have been helpful too. Victor, what types of scams are you seeing there?

Lots of good advice already. As Michel says, mass transit is the way to get around in NYC, though a cab can be quite reasonable, esp. if you have to pay full price for your kids on the MTA. Think about what you want to do on a daily basis. That’s what you should be close to. The things you want to do once (e.g. Statue of Liberty, WTC, Empire State Bldg, Broadway show) are all easy to get to from anywhere if you are close to a subway station.

How old and how many are your kids?

Ray, this place might be worth a look….

71st and 3rd, above Grace’s Market, near Citarella’s so plenty of grocery options nearby. And JG Melon’s if you’re sick of cooking and need a good hamburger.

Their website says 30 day minimum stay required but I reckon if you speak to the manager Marion O’Dwyer, a lovely Irish lady, you may be able to arrange something.

Not sure what their rates are, the website doesn’t give much info, but its worth a shot. We put a bunch of people there for a wedding albeit some years ago but it was excellent, and reasonably priced if I recall correctly. Though times may have changed.


Holy cow, that’s my hood, never even heard of this!

Yeah, they hide their light under a bushel pretty effectively……

Well, we are moving closer to leaving and the place we had booked on the Upper West side just canceled. We had found it on Airbnb. Back to the drawing board…

Sorry to hear that. That truly sucks!

Thanks, Ken! I actually cheated a lil bit and then got a lot of responses after receiving none. I guess there might be a few wine drinkers in NYC. :wink:

Are you doing any tastings during this visit? I would love to try your wines.

And of course if you’d like a chance to drink other wines there are plenty of people who would be happy to organize dinners during your visit.

You think? [wow.gif] I’m happy to organize one. Just pm me with dates and stuff.

I am in for a Ray dinner.
We could even do a pig roast in BKLYN.