NYC Berserkerfest~Memorial Day Weekend

Ok, so we have settled on Memorial day weekend!

Wow, that was a fast transition from Facebook to here! Looking forward to it already

Too early in the month for me, anytime after the 3rd week should work.

Is that Mothers’ Day weekend? Oh, just send them a card and go to a wine weekend.

Oh, no, Mothers’ Day is May 8. Whew!

Yeah, 13-15 doesn’t work for us…working on it

I’m in.

I would cross the Atlantic for this.

Whenever all you suckers come east, spend lots of cash on tickets and hotels, I will be there.

Why wait till May, March and April are there too

May is pretty open currently. i’m in.

May sounds good.

If you come out on May 1 we can do the Five Boro Bike Tour, then saber some Champagne. But whenever this is, I’m in. Duh.

May 1 is most likely Seafoodfest weekend, like I said, the end of the month is better. [cheers.gif]

Dana and I will make it no matter the date.



i suggest May 1, then.

Sounds awesome!!


Hip hop hooray!!!

Great, that date is fine.