NYC: Airport to Manhattan Transfer

There’s always Blade. $195 bucks 5 minute heli ride to West 30th.

Sorry, no free Screagle with that.

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Checked luggage is extra

thoguht you wrote 5 minute hell ride to west 30th; i was like that bad??

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Ballers simply buy new clothes.

Coming out of Newark airport with a car you should be OK even if the Jets finish around the same time. Driver should keep on the eastern spur of the turnpike going north. That will keep you clear of Metlife traffic which will clog the western spur area.

Also, driver will have the option of the Holland Tunnel or Lincoln Tunnel so can use which ever one is less congested at the time.

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I’ve had great luck with Blacklane services previously. There is usually a pretty generous offer for new users if I recall correctly.


Blacklane - simply the best

Agreed. If not, cab it. But I must admit I have a strong dislike for public transportation stemming from a few incidents in the past.

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Not to hijack, but Mark thanks for the suggestion above. I’m going to check them out for a family trip.

Do not say that sentence too loudly, at the airport. [wow.gif]

Looking for a car service from Midtown to EWR.

Anyone reliable that is cheaper than Blacklane ($146 all in) or is that the going rate.

(None of the Blacklane coupons seem to work).

I love Blacklane - reliable, on time, great cars, etc. worth the premium.

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That’s not that bad for Blacklane. An okay black car from a service like Elite is around 95++. Add toll and tip (not sure how tax works) and you’re not far off. Taxis are 70 plus surcharges.

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Someone recommended Carmel, which is $110 all in. Any experience with them?

So this isn’t about the 70s band then.

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I’ve used wiro limo for almost 20 years. Not the least expensive, but the cars are in great condition and the drivers are always early.

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One of the reasons I like Blacklane is tips are included. Then I checked the FAQs, and tips are included everywhere except NYC. They are ones I’ve been using but had a less than perfect experience at LHR last May.

I do like they have a phone number on the website. And they’ve answered.

Didn’t see one for Wirolimo, trying to find out the cancellation policy, which it seemed I had to complete a booking to find out.

Very mixed experiences a while ago so stopped using them. We use Blacklane now.

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