NYC - 4/3 (Sunday) dinner/offline?

I’m heading to New York on 4/3 (driving up from DC). This time with a little more notice, I’m wondering if anyone wants to get a mini OL together?

Place: Peking Duck House Midtown
236 East 53rd St. New York, NY, 10022
Phone:(212) 759-8260
Is corkage free? they’re telling me it’s $15 per bottle… do i just not know the right people/hand shake? :slight_smile:
Time: I made a reservation at 6pm
Theme: TBD (Burgs? Piedmont? or just leave it open free for all?)


  • Mark - 98 Jadot Clos de Beze
  • Victor - Something Not Burgundy + feather dusters
  • Jay Hack + 1 - Wife’s choice + 2002 Joseph Drouhin Charmes-Chambertin GC or 2012 Henri Boillot Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Clos de la Mouchère
  • Brent - 2006 Groffier Clos de Beze
  • Chris - 2007 Sauzet Combettes or 2006 Faiveley Clos Vougeot.
  • Erez L - 1999 Prosper Maufoux Montagny or 1999 Jean et Gilles LaFouge Meursault - or someone from the easiest to access box :slight_smile:
  • Adam W
  • Matt (maybe)

Seasoned PDH go-ers can tell us about the corkage / stemware needs.

OK. We can call it the Feather-Duster Offline.
Bring the heavy oak in your hand, not in your wine.


Sorry we couldn’t squeeze you in at DiFara’s, I would be happy to get together if my schedule works out. Right now, I don’t see it being an issue. When we get a solid group together we can pick a venue. Some places might be better options than others for a Sunday night.

If things firm up, may be available.

I’m sorry to miss this after having met up with Mark in Seattle before. I’m afraid that the consequences of trying to secure a wine offline “hall pass” for the weekend is quite daunting in my family neck of the woods. I will hopefully make it during your next visit.

Victor/Chris/Brent, sounds good and hope you guys are free (i know it’s still a ways out).

Bumpity anyone else?

Ramon - no worries! see ya next time i’m there.
Victor - are you bringing the feather dusters?? :wink:

If this goes ahead, I am a definite maybe. Depends on what my wife wants to do. Broadway matinee followed by wine for dinner. What do you want to eat? Lots of restaurant choices in Manhattan.

I’d be in town. What’s the theme plan?

I’m a definite depending on time and place.

I’m down with anything… i was hoping one of the locals can suggest a place good for a gathering, and nail the place down.

Theme - totally open as well… BBB? (burg/barolo/bordeaux?) domestic? or pretty much anything? totally open.

Ok. The man wants Italian. Any nominees for best Italian midtown with good BYO? I don’t do a lot of Italian. Barbetta is nice but I’ve had better food. Cafe L’Incontro in Astoria is good but a PITA to get to.

BBB - I always thought that was Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello.

Pekin Duck House, or Café Chiina?
Both are in midtown.

Hey that’s an excellent idea… i’ve read about so many offlines at that place… would be good to try.

ok Made reso… updated first post with info.

Glassware is OK. Good to bring better stems.

Mark, are you stopping at NYC or going north beyond there? If you are heading Upstate, let me know.

Hey Markus,

I’m just in Manhattan for a few days, then flying back to Seattle.

(apologies for my poor geography of the area, but where is “upstate”?)

Will be a definite for this.

If you live in NYC, upstate can be anything north of the the Bronx. For most others upstate may be the Catskills and higher.

If you live in Michigan, “up” or Upper Peninsula means the wild lands of the Midwest—
the best of Montana, West Virginia, and New Hampshire, all rolled into one place.

Is there a date and time yet?

See thread title and first post.