NY sales tax now being applied to out of state purchases

Don’t know if this is well known to many here but - I just called Millesima in NYC to arrange shipment of a few cases of 2016 Bordeaux purchased two years ago on futures. For the first time, Millesima is now charging 10% (still need to confirm) sales tax, which I was told went into effect in early 2019. [stirthepothal.gif] I always expect to pay shipping charges, but I have never been charged sales tax before from NY/NJ/MA??? I guess the handwriting has been on wall for some time… hitsfan In addition, Millesima raised the cost of shipping as well - they only ship 375s in 12 packs or $32 per 12, which comes up to $64 cs of 375s. Might make sense to pick up my order next time around. pileon pepsi

Like other merchants already.

yup. surprising, but happened with me recently as well… new reality :frowning:

I used to pay for shipping and avoided the taxes. Now I pay the taxes and avoid the shipping.

I stopped purchasing wine from NY retailers. The combination of the tax and shipping is brutal.

It’s not just New York. Any state that wants to collect sales tax on incoming shipments can do so now. There have been several threads on it:

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