NY Laws for Retail

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Can someone bring me up to speed on what we can and can’t sell? Can we sell gift bags, accessories etc.? How wine/liq related do they have to be? I’m a little confused.



Although not ITB, I know what you are saying. I have been in stores in my area where they don’t carry wine gift bags, because they say it is against NYS Law, and they can be fined some crazy amount of money for stocking. Then you go down the road, and they have them on the racks…

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Years ago I had product to sell that was perfect for liquor stores. I was told that they couldn’t sell anything, except wine. FYI, I do see Wine Spectator at Zachy’s. I did see Rogev’s book on Israeli wine at Skyview in Riverdale. Looks like ‘paper’ is allowed. That’s it.

I’m surprised no one ITB has answered this, but here is the NYS law from the SLA website:

No licensee under this section shall be engaged in any other
business on the licensed premises. The sale of lottery tickets, when
duly authorized and lawfully conducted, the sale of corkscrews or the
sale of ice or the sale of publications, including prerecorded video
and/or audio cassette tapes, designed to help educate consumers in their
knowledge and appreciation of wine and wine products, as defined in
section three of this chapter, or the sale of non-carbonated,
non-flavored mineral waters, spring waters and drinking waters or the
sale of glasses designed for the consumption of wine, racks designed for
the storage of wine, and devices designed to minimize oxidation in
bottles of wine which have been uncorked, shall not constitute engaging
in another business within the meaning of this subdivision.

Thanks Ken. I guess I should’ve done that. I guess as to the point above…just wanted to see how other retailers handle this.

has anyone heard from Max or Dan?? Where have they been? [smileyvault-ban.gif]

Good point. Dan Posner has been tied up with a new addition to the family and some complications that accompanied that addition.


I suggest you send Daniel Posner an email. I’m sure he can give you some guidance.

Maybe… I don’t know…he’s probably busy. It’s not entirely urgent. I may just check out a few bigger stores I dont usually walk into.


Daniel’s been there, fought the fights and survived. He may be busy, but he is a wealth of information and I’m sure he will share as time permits. No sense re-inventing the wheel. E-mail him.

Handsome when you’re bossy. I will, thanks.