NVW&C mini offline recap

It was a cozy small group. I think everyone had a good time. Carrie and Randy started us off with a 2011 Ziata SB that was delicious.

I had my first Tribidrag and first Mondeuse courtesy of Carole and Steve. The Mondeuse I went back to a few times but couldn’t peg a good description. Waiting for it to unleash itself and I don’t think it had enough time to. Hopefully I get another chance of taste this one down the road. The Campesino had some good Carneros/Coastal savory notes along with a good dose of oak.

Zin with a definite Mt Veeder spice that reminds me of their Syrah. Young, tasty stuff. The Syrah wasn’t opened.

The Apsara did not lack fruit being from Las Madres, Crozes Hermitage ringer, has a nice tar note as well. The '10 Clary Ranch had super aromatics of green and black olive and some green veggies like bell pepper. Got my “nose” award for the night.

The Blankiet was probably the most ready to drink wine of the night 'cept for a slight bretty/TCA note that wasn’t off putting but we just couldn’t come to a consensus on which bug it was. The QC was OTT rich, candied with massive tannins. May never be ready to drink.

I think Todd took his CdP back to the trailer with him just in case he couldn’t figure out the how to turn the heater on. neener Never got a taste as it never wound up on the table. There was another bottle, I think a 2000 Pinot, that I didn’t get a pic of. It was tainted/cooked according to Steve and I never tasted it.

The Bowmans brought out some blind Port that everyone enjoyed. On the reveal it was their QPR Penfolds Club Tawny. Only $15!

Todd and Randy serenaded us on the cigar box guitar. My ears still hurt. [pillow-fight.gif]

Clockwise from the top. Steve, Randy, Todd, Leenda, Eric, Carrie, Me, and Carole behind the camera.

Busters took care of us with some great Tri-Tip and Ribs, Linda brought some killer Burratta and Eric “I didn’t know you were a vegetarian” Lundblad brought a tasty Arugula Salad.
Was a nice mid-week deviation from the normal work night. Thanks Todd for arranging and The Bowmans for hosting. [berserker.gif]

Awesome write-up, Brian, and thanks for picking up the bbq!

The Chateauneuf was supposed to trick Randy, as I’ve had it several times before, and know that it can possibly trick those who don’t know it is French…but it was cooked, so I have no idea what happened to it. At least I know it wasn’t cooked in my RV…

I’ve officially tried Tribidrag, and I love it. Extremely unique, but unquestionably zinfandel. High alcohol but great with food, which is one hallmark of zinfandel that makes it so easy to love. It was a pleasure to drink this ‘red wine’ with the winemakers, of course, and even though I had to sit next to ‘make it rain’ Steve Lagier, I found myself grabbing for the bottle more times than I perhaps should have. I made sure he was looking elsewhere when I did.

Other highlights for me were the Mondeuse, the Blankiet (a more classically styled Napa cab, with some age, and the funk you’d expect), and the Tawny was great with a cigar. Linda brought some amazing burrata and Farmers Market tomatoes, and the vegetarian-but-not-really Eric made up a great arugula salad, as well. BBQ was great, and great pairings with it. Fun times, all, and thanks again and again to the Bowmans for hosting once again.

I’m impressed that Todd could play that thing without sticking it between his legs.

Don’t be so impressed, as the general consensus - and the very correct one at that - was that I could NOT play that thing. Not at ALL. ‘Make it rain’ Steve Lagier kept referring to me as Ravi Shankar.

Sounds like it was a memorable evening. Would have been fun to join you all but I’d figured the odds were that I’d be working and indeed I was. Did Eric bring any of his Ladd Cellars Pinots?

No Ladd Cellars Pinot!! Instant fail, right there.

I’m ‘recapping’ by sitting in NVW&C once again, as I was finished with my deliveries and had to work on my laptop, and why not doing it amongst friends?

So your trailer DID blow away.

Yes, blew about 3 blocks away, conveniently into their parking lot