Now Focusing on North Florida...

I’m in the Jacksonville area, specifically Ponte Vedra.

However, knowing we’re not as densely populated with Berserkers as our friends on the other side of the mirror, I’m willing to expand the inclusive area.

I’m really just trying to get an idea of IF an offline would be possible. I know we have a few in the Orlando and Tampa areas, and I’m willing to make a trek. Especially when there’s good wine involved.

If you would be interested, let me know.


Make sure to hit up your peeps from the other board that sounds like puppies. :wink: Maybe there are some winos among the shrimp fans.

Not a bad idea. They might fit in here quite well actually.

You are on the way to dominating the JAX Yelp scene. You have a clear path to being Empress Berserker there.

Jeez - get a room already!! [pillow-fight.gif]

We have two: one on each coast. [whistle.gif]

A pilgrimage to Bern’s in Tampa is always an option, although doing it up right gets a little pricey. Some good restaurants in Orlando area, but not sure about corkage. Same with Tampa; can check with locals. Sarasota has several good restaurants which allow corkage. Unfortunately the very best don’t.

While I’m not sure of the corkage, I know of a relatively new, but fabulously good restaurant in Orlando. I’d be willing the make the minimal pilgrimage.

I’d be willing to road-trip it down to Tampa; love visiting the area even if I do feel bass-ackwards.

No doubt a Bern’s pilgrimage is worth it…but no doubt pricey. No doubt, Tampa is so dominated by chain’s that BYOB is few and far between. Sidebern’s allows it (Bern’s sister restaurant) but I believe it might be $25. There’s place local to me that does as well…but its convenient…only to me…and its just an ok place, but only 10 min from the house. Frankly, we usually go to Ruth’s Criss here when we BYOB, but a large party might require some sort of corkage whereas its typically waived for my wife and I. Our favorite tapas place used to have a very reasonable list…but they moved locations and must have higher rent…since their prices increased at least 50%.

Needless to say…I’m definitely in if you make the trek to Tampa. Possibly if its Orlando. I spent a week in Orlando last year and that’s my typical allotment for a 7 year period…LOL…j/k. Must be Saturday night there though…since the wife flies back home from Atlanta every Friday.

OK; so we’ve got the beginnings of a possible plan. Saturday nights work for me; I have to be at work early Saturday morning.

Let’s see if we can get a few more interested and actually make something happen. [help.gif]

I know there has to be more than just me and you in the North/Central Florida area.

I guess it all depends on location. I could drum up a few people if it were in Tampa, but I know its a nice little haul from Jax. I know Bruce in Orlando is around but most likely just hasn’t seen this thread. I think he knows of a few places in the Disney area.

I would risk a guess that he knows a few: when Kriss was coming to visit, he talked to Bruce to get ideas for breakfast on the way home from the airport. My theory is if he can tell us good breakfast places, I’m sure he knows a few dinner places too.

My wife and I have great corkage treatment at several local places in the southwest part of town (Disney Universal area). Most of the places have $20-25 fees but waive it for us, and we tip the staff well to say thanks. I assume that there would be some corkage charge for a large group.

I could help make arrangements at one of these places. One steak place, one steak and seafood place and one continental type. They are all in the Ruth’s Chris/Morton’s price range.

Saturdays are also best for us.

There are several good places in the Winter Park area, but they are further from me, so I do not get there enough to have developed any relationships.

What place are you talking about?

Lago; it’s in the Baldwin Park area. I reviewed it - twice - on Yelp:

Depending on how big the group was, I might be able get a small break on the corkage.

I have not heard of Lago, but I do not get over to those parts very often.

I am in Ponte Vedra every now and then. Will be there for a while in August. Probably sometime around the 17th or so.

You willing to get come to the Orlando area…it does seem to be a happy medium…otherwise…I might just have to catch you in Atlanta vs. Ponte Vedra neener

I go to Orlando for Spring Training . . . so I already went this year. But I will go to Tampa this year for a football game.

How long is ‘a while’?

I ask because Kriss will actually be here towards the end of the month and we might be able to coordinate something around that time frame.

Maybe a week to ten days . . .