Northern Rhone pricing

?? I’ve never seen that. I hear there was a reserve though.

Miles better

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Same wine.

I’ve never seen it released.

It has not been released.

thank you

When young…

Ok, challenge accepted…how long do I wait for, let’s say, 2014 Chave St. Joseph to outshine Gonon? I still have a few!

Even the best producers have very reasonably priced entry level wines that are usually very good. Also, go walk the slopes of CR and see how small some of the cellars are, factor in the time and risk involved in getting the wine to market, and the wines suddenly seem underpriced.

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Based on what I’ve tasted for 89-91 Chave, I think he might tell you 30+ years

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St Joseph???

I missed that we were comparing the st josephs (a more sensible thing to be doing) because I can’t read - I meant chave hermitage

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lol, big difference

Ah, cheers, thank you! And apologies for the late response.

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Good to know! But wow, I don’t know if I had really accepted just how long the aging curve was on these, lol.
Appreciate it!